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IBPS Clerk Prelims Questions Asked

IBPS Clerk Prelims Questions Asked

The 1st  Shift of  2nd December is over for IBPS Clerk Pre Exam. As you know, the Paper consisted of three sections, viz, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability and English Language with a total time duration of 1 hour. Here is a questions asked in pre exam of the 1st slot exam. 

Quantitative Aptitude:

What should come in the place of questions marks ( ?) in the following number series?

1. 2,3,6,15,45,?

2. 10,12,16,24,40,?

3. 310,220,148,92,50,20?

4. 221,?,165,140,117,96.

5. 43,58,89,146 ?

6.  A shopkeeper sold a mobile phone for Rs.12000. Had he offered discount of 10% on the Selling Price, there would be a loss of 4%. What is the Cost Price of that Mobile phone?

7. The average age is 19 years of a class. While the average age of girls is 18 and the average age of boys is 21. If the number of girls is 16 then find the total number of students in the class.

8. In a mixture of 60 Ltr, the ratio of milk and water is 2 : 1. If this ratio is to be 1 : 2, then the quantity of water to be further added is

English Language : 

Directions : The following questions consist of a single sentence with one blank only. You are given six words denominated by A, B, C, D, E and F as answer choices and from the six choices you have to pick two correct answers, either of which will make the sentence meaningfully complete.

1. It has come to the notice of RBI that some Banks are illegally mobilising funds from the public by making false promise of ________ rates of return/interest under various schemes.

        (A) extreme           (B) unreasonable      (C) illegal         (D) high       (E) exorbitant                 (F) little

        1) (A) and (B)           2) (B) and (C)             3) (C) and (D)                    4) (C) and (E)                5) (B) and (E)

2. Defence Minister will meet two groups of people who will give him the ________ on the deteriorating law-and-order situation in Doklam.

        (A) lowdown         (B) letter                 (C) dossier         (D) details              (E) brochure          (F) information

        1) (A) and (C)       2) (B) and (E)       3) (A) and (F)        4) (C) and (D)       5) (C) and (F)

Reasoning Ability:

Statements: G = C ≥ T = S, K ≥ C, S < V

Conclusions:  I. K ≥ S II. T < V

Statements: B = R ≥ Q < U = P ≥ S

Conclusions:  I. B < U II. Q ≥ S

Seating Arrangments questions(Linear):

Eight friends P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W are sitting in a straight line (but not necessarily in the sam order). Some of them are facing south while some are facing north.(Note: Facing the same direction means. If one is facing north then the other also faces north and vice versa. Facing opposite directions means. If one is facing North then the other faces south and Vice Versa).W faces north. R sits at one of the extreme ends of the line. P sits third to the left of R. S, is not an immediate neighbour of R. V, sits third to the right of P. Q sits to the immediate right of V. Q does not sits at any of the extreme end of the line. Only one person sits between U and S. V sits second to the left of U. T sits second to the right of Q. Both the immediate neighbour of V faces the same direction. Both the immediate neighbour of P faces the opposite direction. T faces the direction as Q and W face the direction as U.



Floor Based :

Eight persons A B, C, D , E, F, G and H live on a separate floor each of an 8-floor building but not necessarily in the same order. The ground floor is numbered 1, the first floor is numbered 2 and so or until the topmost floor is numbered eight. Only two persons live below the floor on which G lives. Only one person live between G and A. H lives on an odd numbered floor but not on floor no. 7 only two persons live between H and B. B does not live on the topmost floor. A does not live on the lowermost floor. D lives immediately below C. Neighter C nor D lives on floor no. 6. F does not live on  floor no.2





















IBPS Clerk Prelims Questions Asked 3rd Dec (1st Shift)

1. IBPS Clerk Questions Asked 3rd Dec 2017 – English Language

  1. Reading Comprehension topic – Oldage & Corporate Sector.

  2. Synonyms & Antonyms were not asked.


2. IBPS Clerk Questions Asked 3rd Dec 2017 – Quantitative Aptitude

  1. Time & Work –
    A can do a work in 36 days & B is 20% more efficient than A, If A started working and worked for 8 days and left then in how many days will B do the remaining work?

  2. 129, 127, 112, ?, 69
    3.5, 6, 10, 17, 30, ?
    0.5, 1.5, 5, 18, 76, ?
    0.25, 8, 128, 1024, 8192, ?
    60, 89, 112, 131, ?, 161

3. IBPS Clerk Questions Asked 3rd Dec 2017 – Reasoning Ability

  1. Scheduling Puzzle – 8 people were supposed to be arranged in different months.

  2.  Seating Arrangement –
    Circular – people were sitting in a circle, all facing inside.
    Linear –  people were sitting in 2 different rows all facing north.

IBPS Clerk Prelims Questions Asked 3rd Dec 2017 (2nd Shift)

1. IBPS Clerk Questions Asked 3rd Dec 2017 – English Language

It was similar to the pattern asked on 2nd December 2017 & it is expected that same pattern will be followed in the coming shifts & days.

  1. Error Spotting – One part of the sentence was fixed & it was correct. In the remaining four parts, the error (regarding spellings & grammatical errors) might or might not be present. So you have to find the part that does not have the error. If all the part contains error then the answer will be none of these.

  2. Fill in the Blanks – Two words can be filled in the given blank.

  3. Idiom & Phrase Replacement – You have to substitute the underlined words with appropriate phrases & idioms given in the option below.

2. IBPS Clerk Questions Asked 3rd Dec 2017 – Quantitative Aptitude

  1. Data Interpretation – Based on Tabular Graph. Questions were based on –

    • Percentage – 2 Qs

    • Ratio – 1 Qs

    • Average – 1 Qs

    • Difference – 1 Qs

  2. 4351685 – If 2 is subtracted from each even digit & 3 is added to every odd digit of the given no. Then how many numbers will be present twice in the new no. formed.

  3. Number Series – Find the missing no. in the following series –
    139, 130, 119, 106, 89, ?
    0.5, 2, 6, 15, 34,?
    194, 194, 191, 183, 168, ?
    4, 7, 11, 19, ?

3. IBPS Clerk Questions Asked 3rd Dec 2017 – Reasoning Ability

  1. A is 10 km to the north of B. C is 5 Kms to the east of B. D is 2.5 Km to the north of C. E is north-west of point C & west of point D. Find the distance between point E & A. Answer – 7.5 km.

  2. Linear Sitting Arrangement – 12 people sitting in 2 parallel lines. Each row consisting of 6 persons. Those sitting in the first row are facing north & those in the second row facing south.

  3. Scheduling – Based on days of a week – Monday to Sunday.

IBPS Clerk Prelims Questions Asked 3rd Dec 2017 (3rd Shift)

1. IBPS Clerk Questions Asked 3rd Dec 2017 – English Language

  1. RC – The passage was based on the topic: ‘Machinery reducing job opportunities’. There were no questions from Synonyms-Antonyms.

  2. Fill in the Blanks – Pattern of filler based questions was similar to the previous slot.

2. IBPS Clerk Questions Asked 3rd Dec 2017 – Quantitative Aptitude

  1. A tabular graph was given, which consisted of data of the shops A, B, C & D, which sold toys in different months. Questions were easily doable.

  2. A Proper practice of BODMAS rules would help you solve these questions e