LDC 2018

" neha manghvani 30-Nov--0001"

RRB-PO 2018

" nayan sharma 30-Nov--0001"

Junior Accountent in AVVNL

" Apurva gupta 06-Oct-2018"

" Sonu Goyal 12-Sep-2018"

IBPS - SO-2018

" Miss. Monika Jilowa 04-Jul-2018"

" Bhupendra Lohar 11-Jul-2015"

" Karan Meghwal 11-Jul-2015"

I would like to thank all teachers of our Academ for their fruitfull efforts over me. Because of which I am able to achieve the success in IBPS exam. The Teaching schedule and environment of Academy is realy helpful for students to grab opportunity & Achieve something in life.

" Abhijeet Dilip Chorge 30-Nov--0001"

First of all i am ver thankfull to all teachers of ANUSHKA ACADEMY for accepting my admission . This Coaching helps me a lot for preparation for Bank Exams specially Maths (Quanta) & English.

" Prashant Kapurkar 30-Nov--0001"

CLAT 2012 Student

" Veenita Sodha 17-Jul-2013"

Student Of Revenue Inspector

" Sanjay Kumar Vaya 17-Jul-2013"

Bank PO Student

" Savan Jain 17-Jul-2013"

Bank PO

" Mohit Choudhary 17-Jul-2013"

Bank PO Student Selected In IBPS PO

" Khushbu Anchaliya 17-Jul-2013"

This is Bhavna Sharma , i did my Bank PO Coaching from Anushka Academy and i am very much satisfied with the faculty, Teaching Method and the material provided by the Institute, The atmosphere of the institute is very good, Wish you luck and thanks for giving me opportunity to study in your institute

" Best Coaching Institute - Anushka Academy 13-Jul-2013"

CLAT 2012 Student

" Tulika Devra 13-Jul-2013"

IBPS Bank PO Student

" Rahul Singh 13-Jul-2013"

IBPS Bank PO Student

" Prashant Gargh 13-Jul-2013"

Bank PO Student Selected In IBPS Bank PO 2012

" Mahima Pandya 13-Jul-2013"

CLAT 2013 Student Score 95.7 In CLAT 2013

" Siddhi Koshal 13-Jul-2013"

IBPS Bank PO Student Selected In IBPS RRB 2012

" Gopal Suthar 13-Jul-2013"

CLAT 2013 Student Selected In NLU Ranchi

" Ananya Goyal 13-Jul-2013"

Revenue Inspector - Student

" Ganesh Vijayvargiya 10-Jul-2013"

CLAT - 2013 Student

" Anisha Yagnik 10-Jul-2013"

CLAT - 2013 Student

" Ananya Goyal 13-Jul-2013"

" Gopal Suthar 12-Sep-2018"