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APTITUDE QUIZ 12/05/2017



1.The average monthly salary of 24 employees in an organisation is Rs. 1500. If the manager's salary is added, then the average salary increases by Rs. 400. What is the manager's monthly salary ?

A) Rs. 8840

B) Rs. 11,500

C) Rs. 12,800

D) Rs. 9450


2.The average temperature for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday was 48 degrees and for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday was 46 degrees. If the temperature on Monday was 42 degrees. Find the temperature on Friday ?

A) 34

B) 36

C) 38

D) 40


3.A batsman in his 17th innings makes a score of 85 and their by increasing his average by 3. What is his average after the 17th innings ?

A) 34

B) 36

C) 35

D) 37


4.What will be the cost of building a fence around a square plot with area equal to 289 sq ft, if the price per foot of building the fence is Rs. 58 ?

A) Rs. 3748

B) Rs. 3847

C) Rs. 3944

D) Rs. 3154


5.The average weight of a group of boys is 30 kg. After a boy of weight 35 kg joins the group, the average weight of the group goes up by 1 kg. Find the number of boys in the group originally ?

A) 6

B) 8

C) 4

D) 5


6.The average age of the district level hockey team of eleven is 22 years.The average age gets increased by 1 year when the coach age is also included.what is the age of the coach ?

A) 33 yrs

B) 34 yrs

C) 35 yrs

D) 36 yrs


7.In a cinema hall for the matinee show which started at 2.30 pm and ended at 5.30 pm the vehicle parking lot had only three wheelers (auto rickshaws) and four wheelers. Today the wheels of the vehicles parked was counted and found to be 240. What could be the number of three wheelers parked therein ?

A) 48

B) 41

C) 45

D) 43


8.The average of a non-zero number and its square is 11 times the number. The number is ?

A) 22

B) 21

C) 11

D) 17


9.The ratio of speeds of a car, a train and a bus is 5:9:4. The average speed of the car, the bus and the train is 72 km/hr together. What is the average speed of the car and the train together ?

A) 84 km/hr

B) 96 km/hr

C) 72 km/hr

D) 60 km/hr


10.When all the students in a school are made to stand in rows of 54, 30 such rows are formed. If the students are made to stand in rows of 45, how many such rows will be formed ?

A) 22

B) 36

C) 32

D) 26


11.  20 men went to a restaurant. Ninteen of them paid Rs.70 each and the twentieth man paid Rs.90.25 more than the average of all the 20 men. What is the total bill ?

A) Rs. 1495

B) Rs. 548

C) Rs. 850

D) Rs. 1750


12.On a school’s Annual day sweets were to be equally distributed amongst 112 children. But on that particular day, 32 children were absent. Thus the remaining children got 6 extra sweets. How many sweets was each child originally supposed to get ?

A) 14

B) 16

C) 12

D) 15


13.A batsman scores 26 runs and increases his average from 14 to 15. Find the runs to be made if he wants top increasing the average to 19 in the same match ?

A) 74

B) 79

C) 72

D) 60


14.There are 44 students in a hostel, due to the administration,  15 new students has joined. The expense of the mess increase by Rs. 33 per day. While the average expenditure per head diminished by Rs. 3, what was the original expenditure of the mess ?

A) Rs. 404

B) Rs. 514

C) Rs. 340

D) Rs. 616


15.Sripad has scored average of 65 marks in three objects. In no subjects has he secured less than 58 marks. He has secured more marks in Maths than other two subjects. What could be his maximum score in Maths ?

A) 79

B) 77

C) 76

D) 73


16.Three maths classes: A, B and C take an algebra test. The average score of class A is 83. The average score of class B is 76. The average score of class C is 85. The average score of class A and B is 79 and average score of class B and C is 81. What is the average score of classes A, B, C ?

A) 81

B) 78

C) 80.5

D) 81.5


17.Without any stoppage, a person travels a certain distance at an average speed of 42 km/h, and with stoppages he covers the same distance at an average speed of 28 km/h. How many minutes per hour does he stop?

A) 15 minutes

B) 20 minutes

C) 18 minutes

D) 22 minutes


18.In an NGO the daily average wages of 20 illiterate employees is decreased from Rs.25 to Rs.10, thus the average salary of  all the literate and illiterate  employees is decreased Rs.10 per day. The No. of educated employees working in the NGO is :

A) 15

B) 20

C) 10

D) Data Insufficient


19.The average expenditure of the hotel when there are 10 guests is Rs. 60 per guests and the average expenditure is Rs.40 when there are 20 Guests. If it is known that there are some fixed expenses irrespective of the number of guests then the average expenditure per guest  whe there are 40 guests in the hotel.

A) Rs. 30

B) Rs. 25

C) Rs. 20

D) can't be determined


20.Out of the five integral numbers C is the average of A and D.  B is greater than C and less than D.Also B is the average of A and E . The middle most number in the sequence

A) A

B) B

C) C

D) D




1.Answer: B) Rs. 11,500

2.Answer: A) 34

3. Answer: D) 37

4. Answer: C) Rs. 3944

5. Answer: C) 4

6. Answer: B) 34 yrs

7.Answer: A) 48

8. Answer: A) 22

9.Answer: A) 84 km/hr

10.Answer: B) 36

11.Answer: A) Rs. 1495

12. Answer: D) 15

13. Answer: A) 74

14. Answer: D) Rs. 616

15.Answer: A) 79

16.Answer: D) 81.5

17. Answer: B) 20 minutes

18.Answer: C) 10

19. Answer: A) Rs. 30

20. Answer: B) B