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Q:1.The no of revolutions a wheel of diameter 40cm makes in traveling a distance of 176m is

 A) 240     

 B) 140

 C) 40       

 D) 340


Q:2.An equilateral triangle is described on the diagonal of a square. What is the ratio of the area of the triangle to that of the square?

 A) 1:2      

 B) 1:3

 C) 2:3      

 D) 3^(1/2) :2


Q:3.The breadth of a rectangular field is 60% of its length. If the perimeter of the field is 800 m.What is the area of the field?

 A) 47500  

 B) 37500

 C) 57500  

 D) 77500


Q:4.The difference between two parallel sides of a trapezium is 4 cm. perpendicular distance between them is 19 cm. If the area of the trapezium is 475 find the lengths of the parallel sides.

 A) 27 and 23    

 B) 24 and 23

 C) 25 and 23    

 D) 22 and 23


Q:5.The area of a circle of radius 5 is numerically what percent its circumference?

 A) 150%  

 B) 250%

 C) 350%  

 D) 450%


Q:6.Find the area of a right-angled triangle whose base is 12 cm and hypotenuse is 13cm.

 A) 30       

 B) 40

 C) 50       

 D) 60


Q:7.If a square and a rhombus stand on the same base, then the ratio of the areas of the square and the rhombus is:

 A) 1:1      

 B) 1:2

 C) 1:3      

 D) 1:4


Q:8.In two triangles, the ratio of the areas is 4 : 3 and the ratio of their heights is 3 : 4. Find the ratio of their bases.

 A) 13:9

 B) 16:9

 C) 15:9    

 D) 14:9


Q:9.A room 5m 55cm long and 3m 74cm broad is to be paved with square tiles.Find the least number of square tiles required to cover the floor?

 A) 156     

 B) 166

 C) 176     

 D) 186


Q:10.A rectangular plot measuring 90 meters by 50 meters is to be enclosed by wire fencing. If the poles of the fence are kept 5 meters apart. How many poles will be needed?

 A) 65m

 B) 45m

 C) 55m    

 D) 56m


Q:11.A took 15 seconds to cross a rectangular field diagonally walking at the rate of 52 m/min and B took the same time to cross the same field along its sides walking at the rate of 68m/min. The area of the field is?

 A) 50       

 B) 60

 C) 70       

 D) 80


Q:12.In measuring the sides of a rectangle, one side is taken 5% in excess and the other 4% in deficit. Find the error percent in the area, calculate from the those measurements.

 A) .7%     

 B) 0.8%

 C) 0.9%   

 D) 0.3%


Q:13.A rectangular paper when folded into two congruent parts had a perimeter of 34cm foer each part folded along one set of sides and the same is 38cm. When folded along the other set of sides. What is the area of the paper?

 A) 140     

 B) 150

 C) 160     

 D) 170


Q:14.The area of the circle is 220 sq.m, the area of the square inscribed in a circle will be

 A) 49       

 B) 70

 C) 140     

 D) 150


Q:15.Wheels of diameters 7cm and 14cm start rolling simultaneously from x & y which are 1980 cm apart towards each other in opposite directions. Both of them make the same number of revolutions per second. If both of them meet after 10seconds.The speed of the smaller wheel is

 A) 22m/s  

 B) 33m/s

 C) 44m/s  

 D) 55m/s


Q:16.A man runs round a circular field of radius 50m at the speed of 12 km/hr. What is the time taken by the man to take twenty rounds of the field?

 A) 220/7 min    

 B) 110/7 min

 C) 90/7 min      

 D) 230/7 min


Q:17.A rectangular plot measuring 90 metres by 50 metres is to be enclosed by wire fencing. If the poles of the fence are kept 5 metres apart, how many poles will be needed?

 A) 56m    

 B) 65m

 C) 34m    

 D) 36m


Q:18.The base of a parallelogram is twice its height. If the area of the parallelogram is 72 sq.cm. Find its height?

 A) 3 cm   

 B) 4 cm

 C) 6 cm   

 D) 8 cm


Q:19.2 metres broad pathway is to be constructed around a rectangular plot on the inside. The area of the plots is 96 sq.m. The rate of construction is Rs. 50 per square metre. Find the total cost of the construction?

 A) 20       

 B) 30

 C) 40       

 D) data is inadequate


Q:20.The ratio between the length and the breadth of a rectangular park is 3 : 2. If a man cycling along the boundary of the park at the speed of 12 km/hr completes one round in 8 minutes, then the area of the park (in sq. m) is:

 A) 153600

 B) 143600

 C) 13600  

 D) 16300




1.Answer: B) 140

2.Answer: D) 3^(1/2) :2

3.Answer: B) 37500

4.Answer: A) 27 and 23

5.Answer: B) 250%

6.Answer: A) 30

7.Answer: A) 1:1

8.Answer: B) 16:9

9.Answer: C) 176

10.Answer: D) 56m

11.Answer: B) 60

12.Answer: B) 0.8%

13.Answer: A) 140

14.Answer: C) 140

15.Answer: A) 22m/s

16.Answer: A) 220/7 min

17.Answer: A) 56m

18.Answer: C) 6 cm

19.Answer: D) data is inadequate

20.Answer: A) 153600