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APTITUDE QUIZ - 29/04/2017


Q:1.If repetition of the digits is allowed, then the number of even natural numbers having three digits is :

 A) 550     

 B) 450

 C) 500     

 D) 540


Q:2.How many different words can be made using the letters of the word ' HALLUCINATION ' if all constants are together?

 A) 129780

 B) 1587600

 C) 35600  

 D) None of these


Q:3.There are 4 books on fairy tales, 5 novels and 3 plays. In how many ways can you arrange these so that books on fairy tales are together, novels are together and plays are together and in the order, books on fairytales, novels and plays ?

 A) 12400  

 B) 17820

 C) 17280  

 D) 12460


Q:4.There are fourteen juniors and twenty-three seniors in the Service Club. The club is to send four representatives to the State Conference. If the members of the club decide to send two juniors and two seniors, how many different groupings are possible ?

 A) 23024  

 B) 24023

 C) 23023  

 D) 25690


Q:5.In how many ways can 4 girls and 5 boys be arranged in a row so that all the four girls are together ?

 A) 18000  

 B) 17280

 C) 17829  

 D) 18270


Q:6.A school has scheduled three volleyball games, two soccer games, and four basketball games. You have a ticket allowing you to attend three of the games. In how many ways can you go to two basketball games and one of the other events?

 A) 25       

 B) 30

 C) 50       

 D) 75


Q:7.There are five cards lying on the table in one row. Five numbers from among 1 to 100 have to be written on them, one number per card, such that the difference between the numbers on any two adjacent cards is not divisible by 4. The remainder when each of the 5 numbers is divided by 4 is written down on another card (the 6th card) in order. How many sequences can be written down on the 6th card ?

 A) 4 x 3^4

 B) 3^4

 C) 4^3     

 D) 3 x 4^3


Q:8.When six fairs coins are tossed simultaneously, in how many of the outcomes will at most three of the coins turn up as heads ?

 A) 15       

 B) 42

 C) 16       

 D) 40


Q:9.Compute the sum of 4 digit numbers which can be formed with the four digits 1,3,5,7, if each digit is used only once in each arrangement.

 A) 105555

 B) 106665

 C) 106656

 D) 108333


Q:10.Find the value of 'n' for which the nth term of two AP'S:

15,12,9.... and -15,-13,-11...... are equal?

 A) n = 2   

 B) n = 5

 C) n = 29/5      

 D) n = 1


Q:11.In how many different ways can the letters of the word 'CORPORATION' be arranged so that the vowels always come together

 A) 50000  

 B) 40500

 C) 5040   

 D) 50400


Q:12.Suppose you can travel from a place A to a place B by 3 buses, from place B to place C by 4 buses, from place C to place D by 2 buses and from place D to place E by 3 buses. In how many ways can you travel ?from A to E?

 A) 36       

 B) 64

 C) 74       

 D) 72


Q:13.A local delivery company has three packages to deliver to three different homes. if the packages are delivered at random to the three houses, how many ways are there for at least one house to get the wrong package?

 A) 3

 B) 5

 C) 3!

 D) 5!


Q:14.A tea expert claims that he can easily find out whether milk or tea leaves were added first to water just by tasting the cup of tea. In order to check this claims 10 cups of tea are prepared, 5 in one way and 5 in other. Find the different possible ways of presenting these 10 cups to the expert.

 A) 340     

 B) 210

 C) 290     

 D) 252


Q:15.Find the number of ways in which 21 balls can be distributed among 3 persons such that each person does not receive less than 5 balls.

 A) 28       

 B) 14

 C) 21       

 D) 7


Q:16.Find the number of subsets of the set {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11} having 4 elements.

 A) 340     

 B) 370

 C) 320     

 D) 330


Q:17.There are three rooms in a Hotel: one single, one double and one for four persons. How many ways are there to house seven persons in these rooms ?

 A) 105     

 B) 7! x 6!

 C) 7!/5!    

 D) 420


Q:18.A certain marathon had 50 people running for first prize, second, and third prize.How many ways are there to correctly guess the first, second, and third place winners?

 A) 2

 B) 1

 C) 4

 D) 3


Q:19.How many 7 digit numbers can be formed using the digits 1, 2, 0, 2, 4, 2, 4?

 A) 120     

 B) 360

 C) 240     

 D) 424


Q:20.Jay wants to buy a total of 100 plants using exactly a sum of Rs 1000. He can buy Rose plants at Rs 20 per plant or marigold or Sun flower plants at Rs 5 and Re 1 per plant respectively. If he has to buy at least one of each plant and cannot buy any other type of plants, then in how many distinct ways can Jay make his purchase?

 A) 3

 B) 6

 C) 4

 D) 2




1.Answer: B) 450

2.Answer: B) 1587600

3.Answer: C) 17280

4.Answer: C) 23023

5.Answer: B) 17280

6.Answer: B) 30

7.Answer: A) 4 x 3^4

8.Answer: B) 42

9.Answer: C) 106656

10.Answer: C) n = 29/5

11.Answer: D) 50400

12.Answer: D) 72

13.Answer: B) 5

14.Answer: D) 252

15.Answer: A) 28

16.Answer: D) 330

17.Answer: A) 105

18.Answer: B) 1

19.Answer: B) 360

20.Answer: A) 3