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APTITUDE QUIZ 27/04/2017



Q:1.In how many ways can 5 different toys be packed in 3 identical boxes such that no box is empty, if any of the boxes may hold all of the toys ?

 A) 36       

 B) 25

 C) 24       

 D) 72


Q:2.A team of 8 students goes on an excursion, in two cars, of which one can seat 5 and the other only 4. In how many ways can they travel?

 A) 126     

 B) 120

 C) 146     

 D) 156


Q:3.12 people at a party shake hands once with everyone else in the room.How many handshakes took place?

 A) 72       

 B) 66

 C) 76       

 D) 64


Q:4.How many different four letter words can be formed (the words need not be meaningful using the letters of the word "MEDITERRANEAN" such that the first letter is E and the last letter is R?

 A) 59       

 B) 56

 C) 64       

 D) 55


Q:5.How many lines can you draw using 3 non collinear (not in a single line) points A, B and C on a plane?

 A) 3

 B) 6

 C) 2

 D) 4


Q:6.Suppose 7 students are staying in a hall in a hostel and they are allotted 7 beds. Among them, Parvin does not want a bed next to Anju because Anju snores. Then, in how many ways can you allot the beds?

 A) 2400   

 B) 6400

 C) 3600   

 D) 7200


Q:7.A Committee of 5 persons is to be formed from a group of 6 gentlemen and 4 ladies. In how many ways can this be done if the committee is to be included atleast one lady?

 A) 123     

 B) 113

 C) 246     

 D) 945


Q:8.There are 6 bowlers and 9 batsmen in a cricket club. In how many ways can a team of 11 be selected so that the team contains at least 4 bowlers?

 A) 1170   

 B) 1200

 C) 720     

 D) 360


Q:9.In a box, there are 5 black pens, 3 white pens and 4 red pens. In how many ways can 2 black pens, 2 white pens and 2 red pens can be chosen?

 A) 180

 B) 220

 C) 240     

 D) 160


Q:10.In a Plane there are 37 straight lines, of which 13 pass through the point A and 11 pass through the point B. Besides, no three lines pass through one point, no lines passes through both points A and B , and no two are parallel. Find the number of points of intersection of the straight lines.

 A) 525     

 B) 535

 C) 545     

 D) 555


Q:11.In how many different ways can the letters of the word 'DETAIL' be arranged in such a way that the vowels occupy only the odd positions?

 A) 36       

 B) 25

 C) 42       

 D) 120


Q:12.From 5 consonants and 4 vowels, how many words can be formed using 3 consonants and 2 vowels ?

 A) 7600   

 B) 7200

 C) 6400   

 D) 3600


Q:13.Consider the word ROTOR. Whichever way you read it, from left to right or from right to left, you get the same word. Such a word is known as palindrome. Find the maximum possible number of 5-letter palindromes.

 A) 17756  

 B) 17576

 C) 12657  

 D) 12666


Q:14.From a total of six men and four ladies a committee of three is to be formed. If Mrs. X is not willing to join the committee in which Mr. Y is a member, whereas Mr.Y is willing to join the committee only if Mrs Z is included, how many such committee are possible?

 A) 91       

 B) 104

 C) 109     

 D) 98


Q:15.Find the total number of distinct vehicle numbers that can be formed using two letters followed by two numbers. Letters need to be distinct

 A) 65000  

 B) 64000

 C) 72000  

 D) 36000


Q:16.From a group of 7 men and 6 women, five persons are to be selected to form a committee so that at least 3 men are there on the committee. In how many ways can it be done?

 A) 564     

 B) 735

 C) 756     

 D) 657


Q:17.Suppose you want to arrange your English, Hindi, Mathematics, History, Geography and Science books on a shelf. In how many ways can you do it?

 A) 360     

 B) 780

 C) 720     

 D) 240


Q:18.In how many ways can an animal trainer arrange 5 lions and 4 tigers in a row so that no two lions are together?

 A) 2800   

 B) 2880

 C) 2600   

 D) 3980


Q:19.If there are 15 dots on a circle,how many triangles can be formed?

 A) 455     

 B) 450

 C) 469     

 D) 500


Q:20.How many ways are there to select a subcommittee of 7 members from among a committee of 17?

 A) 19000  

 B) 19448

 C) 19821  

 D) 19340




1.Answer: B) 25

2.Answer: A) 126

3.Answer: B) 66

4.Answer: A) 59

5.Answer: A) 3

6.Answer: C) 3600

7.Answer: C) 246

8.Answer: A) 1170

9.Answer: A) 180

10.Answer: B) 535

11.Answer: A) 36

12.Answer: B) 7200

13.Answer: B) 17576

14.Answer: A) 91

15.Answer: A) 65000

16.Answer: C) 756

17.Answer: C) 720

18.Answer: B) 2880

19.Answer: A) 455

20.Answer: B) 19448