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Q:1.How many such pairs of digits are there in the number 421579368 each of which has as many digits between them in the number as when they are arranged in ascending order?

 A) None

 B) One

 C) Two

 D) Three


Q:2.How many 4's are there preceded by 7 but not followed by 3?

5  9  3  2  1  7  4  2  6  9  7  4  6  1  3  2  8  7  4  1  3  8  3  2  5  6  7  4  3  9  5  8  2  0  1  8  7  4  6  3

 A) Four

 B) Three

 C) Six

 D) Five


Q:3.In a row of boys, If A who is 10th from the left and B who is 9th from the right interchange their positions, A becomes 15th from the left. How many boys are there in the row ?

 A) 23

 B) 31

 C) 27

 D) 28


Q:4.Nitin ranks 18th in a class of 49 students. What is rank from the last ?

 A) 31

 B) 18

 C) 32

 D) 19


Q:5.A class of boys stands in a single line, One boy is 19th in order from both the ends, How many boys are there in the class ?

 A) 37

 B) 39

 C) 27

 D) 38


Q:6.Sam ranked 9th from the top and 38th from the bottom in a class. How many students are there in the class ?

 A) 45

 B) 47

 C) 46

 D) 48


Q:7.Three persons A, B and C are standing in a queue. There are five persons between A and B and eight persons between B and C. If there be three persons ahead of C and 21 persons behind A, what could be the minimum number of persons in the queue?

 A) 41

 B) 40

 C) 28

 D) 27


Q:8.If the 30th january 2003 was thursday, what was the day day on 2nd march, 2003?

 A) sunday

 B) thursday

 C) tuesday

 D) saturday


Q:9.How many such digits are there in the number 7346285 which are as far away from the beginning of the number, as they will be when arranged in ascending order within the number?

 A) None

 B) one

 C) Two

 D) Three


Q:10.In a class of 180, where girls are twice the number of boys, Rupesh[a boy]  ranked 34th from the top. If there are 18 girls ahead of Rupesh, how many boys are after him in rank?

 A) 45

 B) 44

 C) 60

 D) can't be determined


Q:11.The positions of the first and sixth digits in the number 5109238674 are interchanged. Similarly the positions of the second and the seventh digits are interchanged and so on . which of the following will be the third digit from the right end after the after the rearrangement?

 A) 9

 B) 0

 C) 6

 D) 3


Q:12.If tuesday falls on 4th of month, then which day will fall three days after the 24th ?

 A) monday

 B) tuesday

 C) friday

 D) thursday


Q:13.In a class of 50 students M is eighth from top. H is 20th from bottom. How many students are there between M and H?

 A) 22

 B) 23

 C) 24

 D) can't be determined


Q:14.Rajan is sixth from the left end and vinay is tenth from the right end in a row of boys. If there are eight boys between Rajan and Vinay, how many boys are there in the row ?

 A) 24

 B) 26

 C) 23

 D) 25


Q:15.How many even numbers are there in the following sequence of numbers which are immediately followed by an odd number as well as immediately preceded by an even number?

8 5 8 6 7 6 8 9 3 2 7 5 3 4 2 2 3 5 5 2 2 8 1 1 9 3 1 7 5 1

 A) 2

 B) 3

 C) 4

 D) 5


Q:16.How many combinations of two-digit numners having 8 can be made from the following numbers?

8, 5, 2, 1, 7, 6

 A) 10

 B) 6

 C) 9

 D) 11


Q:17.If the digits in the number 25673948 are arranged in ascending order from left to right, what will be the sum of the digits which are fourth from the right and third from the left in the new arrangement?

 A) 10

 B) 9

 C) 8

 D) 6


Q:18.If it is possible to form a number which is a perfect square of a two digit odd number using the second, fourth, seventh digits of the number 739142658 using each only once, which of the following is the second digit of that two-digit odd number?

 A) 4

 B) 7

 C) 3

 D) none


Q:19.If the position of the first, sixth digits of the number 2796543018 are interchanged, similarly the positions of the the second and seventh digits are interchanged and so on, which of the following will be the left of seventh digit from the left end?

 A) 1

 B) 7

 C) 0

 D) 8


Q:20.In a row of thirty boys, R is fourth from the right end and W is tenth from the left end . How many boys are there between R and W?

 A) 15

 B) 16

 C) 17

 D) can't be determined




1.Answer: D) Three

2.Answer: A) Four

3.Answer: A) 23

4.Answer: C) 32

5.Answer: A) 37

6.Answer: C) 46

7.Answer: C) 28

8.Answer: A) sunday

9.Answer: C) Two

10.Answer: B) 44

11.Answer: B) 0

12.Answer: D) thursday

13.Answer: A) 22

14.Answer: A) 24

15.Answer: C) 4

16.Answer: D) 11

17.Answer: A) 10

18.Answer: D) none

19.Answer: A) 1

20.Answer: B) 16