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ENGLISH QUIZ - 20/03/2017

1. His ----------- in his family’s position is great but he does not boast about it.

A. status

B. pride

C. deceit

D. presumption


2. Everyone in this universe is accountable to God ----------- his actions.

A. about

B. against

C. for

D. of


3. Prasanna got the company car for a ----------- price as he was the seniormost employee in the company.

A. reduced

B. nominal

C. fixed

D. discounted


4. The opposition parties allege that prices of essential commodities are ----------- like a runaway ballon.

A. soaring

B. reviving

C. flying

D. leaping


5. It was through the Second World War that Russia ----------- herself increased ----------- in power and wealth and prestige.

A. saw, abundantly

B. notice, gullibly

C. witnessed prodigiously

D. None of these


6. In the world of today, material values take precedence ----------- spiritual values.

A. about

B. on

C. over

D. at


7. He congratulated his friend ----------- the latter’s success.

A. for

B. about

C. on

D. with


8. Even when Murugan’s reputation was in ----------- almost everyone was willing to admit that he had genius.

A. failure

B. rebuttal

C. accululation

D. eclipse


9. The speaker pointed a ----------- picture of hunger in parts of India.

A. chimerical

B. passionate

C. parisimonious

D. poignant


10. No sooner did he me ----------- he tried to run away.

A. notice, when

B. see, than

C. observe, soon

D. watch, that


11. In the ----------- areas of the rail road terminal thousands of travellers lingered while waiting for their train.

A. extensive

B. capacious

C. commodious

D. capricious


12. Knowledge is like a deep well fed by ----------- springs, and your mind is the little bucket that you drop in it.

A. perennial

B. eternal

C. sterling

D. immortal


13. These were reduced to skeletons for they had long been ----------- for food.

A. famishing

B. longing

C. snarling

D. craving


14. A legislation was passed to punish brokers who ----------- their clients funds.

A. devour

B. devastate

C. dawdled

D. embezzle


15. We had a wonderful view of the bay through the -----------.

A. window

B. zenith

C. vicinity

D. proximity


16. That charming girl was the ----------- of all eyes.

A. aim

B. target

C. ambition

D. cynosure


17. Even more than beauty, your attracts me and with ----------- appeal.

A. a delectable

B. a sententious

C. an irresistible

D. an ineluctable


18. The enemy paid a large sum as -----------

A. redress

B. amends

C. compensation

D. punishment


19. His answer was such ----------- I expected him to gave.

A. who

B. as

C. which

D. that


20. She is so ----------- that she easily catches cold.

A. sober

B. sincere

C. sensitive

D. sensible


21. I decided to sell a piece of land when I was offered a more ----------- price.

A. correct

B. true

C. exact

D. realistic


22. Suganya failed in the examination because none of her answers was ----------- to the questions asked.

A. pertinent

B. allusive

C. referential

D. revealing


23. Modern architecture has discarded the ----------- trimming on buildings and emphasises simplicity of line.

A. gaunt

B. flagrant

C. gaudy

D. flamboyant


24. The new owners of the paper changed the ----------- completely.

A. layout

B. outlook

C. outlay

D. outlet


25. His ----------- of the topic was so good that students had few doubts to raise at the end.

A. exposure

B. clarity

C. exposition

D. picturisation



 -: ANSWERS :-

1.Answer: Option A

2. Answer: Option C

3.Answer: Option B

4. Answer: Option A

5. Answer: Option C

6. Answer: Option C

7. Answer: Option C

8. Answer: Option D

9. Answer: Option D

10. Answer: Option B

11. Answer: Option C

12. Answer: Option A

13. Answer: Option A

14. Answer: Option D

15.Answer: Option A

16. Answer: Option D

17.Answer: Option C

18. Answer: Option C

19. Answer: Option B

20. Answer: Option C

21. Answer: Option D

22. Answer: Option A

23. Answer: Option C

24. Answer: Option A

25. Answer: Option C