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ENGLISH QUIZ 17/3/2017



1. A formal resignation and renunciation of powers







2. Almanac

A.A modern calender.

B.An annual calender with position of stars.

C.A calender only with holidays list.

D.A calender with historical information.



3. Amphibian

A.Animal that live in both land and sea.

B.Animal that live in sea.

C.Animal that live in land.

D.Animal that live at trees.



4. Allegory

A.A story told by elders to younger ones.

B.A story with no moral.

C.A story that express ideas through language.

D.A story that express ideas through symbols.



5. Axiom

A.A statement that required proofs to get it established.

B.A statement or proposition that is regarded as being established.

C.A statement which is not relevant.

D.A statement which is relevant to current situation.



6. Belligerent

A.A nation or person thinking of itself.

B.A nation or person talking of peace.

C.A nation or person engaged in war.

D.A nation or person helping unconditional.



7. Biopsy

A.An examination of tissue removed from a living body.

B.An examination of tissue removed from a dead body.

C.An examination of old bones.

D.An examination of old civilization.



8. Blasphemy

A.An act of speaking for ruler.

B.An act of speaking against ruler.

C.An act of speaking for religion.

D.An act of speaking against religion.



9. Chronology

A.The arrangement of events on the basis of even odd.

B.The arrangement of events in some algorithmic way.

C.The arrangement of events in the order of their occurrence.

D.The arrangement of events in random order.



10. Crusade

A.A war going to happen in near future.

B.A religious war.

C.A never ending war.

D.A war of past.



11. Ephemeral

A.Lasting for a very short time.


C.Lasting till we wish.

D.Lasting till certain event



12. Extempore

A.Spoken or done with proper preparation.

B.Spoken or done without preparation.

C.Spoken or done in alone.

D.Spoken or done in front of public.



13. Gregarious

A.Living with an aim.

B.Living without any aim.

C.Living alone.

D.Living in flocks.



14. Indelible

A.A mark that can be erased.

B.A mark that cannot be erased.

C.A mark which we can see from long distance.

D.None of above.



15. Infallible

A.Always failing.

B.Never failing.

C.Always stopping.

D.Never stopping.



16. Inevitable

A.Very greedy.

B.Very promising.

C.Highly uncertain.

D.Certain to happen.



17. Interregnum

A.A period of intervals between two regimes.

B.A period of a government or regime.

C.A moment when a government fell down.

D.A moment when a new government is formed.



18. Nostalgia

A.A sort of joyful moment.

B.A sort of horror.

C.A sentimental longing for the past.

D.Excitement for the coming future.



19. Panacea

A.A reason of the trouble.

B.A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases.

C.A solution of a complex problem of mathematics.

D.None of above



20. Pantheism

A.the belief that God is not one.

B.the belief that God is one.

C.the belief that God pervades nature.

D.the belief that God do not pervades nature.




1.Answer: Option C

2.Answer: Option B

3.Answer: Option A

4.Answer: Option D

5.Answer: Option B

6.Answer: Option C

7.Answer: Option A

8.Answer: Option D

9.Answer: Option C

10.Answer: Option B

11.Answer: Option A

12.Answer: Option B

13.Answer: Option D

14.Answer: Option B

15.Answer: Option B

16.Answer: Option D

17.Answer: Option A

18.Answer: Option C

 19. Answer: Option B

 20.Answer: Option C