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1).Kiran can do a work in 25 days, while Ravi can do the same work in 50 days. They started the work jointly. Few days later Sumit also joined them and thus all of them completed the whole work in 10 days. All of them were paid total Rs.600. What is the Share of Sumit?

A. Rs.360

B. Rs.385

C. Rs.240

D. can’t be determined

E. None of these



2).Working together Bala and Chitra take 50% more number of days than Angel, Bala and Chitra together take and Angel and Bala working together, take 8/3 more number of days than Angel, Bala and Chitra take together. If Angel, Bala and Chitra all have worked together till the completion of the work and Bala has received Rs.120 out of total earnings of Rs. 480 then in how many days did Angel, Bala and Chitra together complete the whole work?

A. 2 days

B. 4 days

C. 6 days

D. 8 days

E. 5 days

Answer – E


3).Angel can do a piece of work in 10 days, Balu in 15 days. They work together for 5 days, the rest of the work is finished by Chitra in two more days. If they get Rs. 6000 as wages for the whole work, what are the daily wages of Angel, Bala and Chitra respectively?

A. 200, 250, 300

B. 300, 200, 250

C. 600, 400, 200

D. 600, 400, 500

E. None of these

Answer – D


4).Ravi can do a piece of work in 16 days. Rakesh can do the same work in 64/5 days, while Geeta can do it in 32 days. All of them started to work together but Ravi leaves after 4 days. Rakesh leaves the job 3 days before the completion of the work. How long would the work last?

A. 6 days

B. 9 days

C. 18 days

D. 5 days

E. None of these

Answer – B


5)Ramu, Hari and Sanjay are three typists, who working simultaneously, can type 228 pages in four hours. In one hour, Sanjay can type as many pages more than Hari as Hari can type more than Ramu. During a period of five hours, Sanjay can type as many passages as Ramu can, during seven hours. How many pages does each of them type per hour?

A. 16, 18, 22

B. 14, 17, 20

C. 15, 17, 22

D. 15, 18, 21

E. 16, 19, 22

Answer – E


6)Efficiency of A is 25% more then B and B takes 25 days to complete a piece of work. A started a work alone and then B joined her 5 days before actual completion of the work. For how many days A worked alone?

A. 9

B. 11

C. 10

D. 25

E. 12

Answer – B


7)In a cucumber factory, there are equal number of women and children. Women work for 8 h a day and children for 6 h a day. During festival time, the work load goes up by 50%. The government rule does not allow children to work for more than 8 h a day. If they are equally efficient and the extra work is done by women, then extra hours of work put in by women every day are?

A. 5

B. 3

C. 4

D. 9

E. None of these

Answer – A


8)A building contractor undertook to finish a certain work in 162 days and employed 150 men. After 72 days, he found that he had already done 2/3 of the work. How many men can be discharged now, so that the work finish in time?

A. 80

B. 75

C. 90

D. 70

E. 65

Answer – C


9)Sanjay can do a piece of work in 50 days. He started the work and left after some days, when 25% work was done. After it Ajit joined and completed it working for 25 days. In how many days Sanjay and Ajit can do the complete work, working together?

A. 6

B. 8

C. 10

D. 12

E. 20

Answer – E


10).Kiran can do a piece of work in 9 days and Kumar can do the same work in 18 days. They started the work. After 3 days Sanjay joined them, who can complete alone the same whole work in 3 days. What is the total number of days in which they had completed the work?

A. 12

B. 8

C. 4

D. 6

E. None of these

Answer – C


11)The average score of a cricket player after 48 innings is 49 and in the 49th innings the player scores 98 runs. In the 50th innings the minimum number of runs required to increase his average score by 2 than it was before the 50th innings?

A. 152

B. 150

C. 136

D. 128

E. None of these

Answer – B


12) The average age of board of directors of a company having 15 directors was 48 years. When a director aged 56 resigned from the board of directors another director died on the same day. A new director joined board of directors aged 36. Next year the average age of all 14 directors was found to be 48 years. The age of late director at the time of his death was _______

A. 48 years

B. 42 years

C. 45 years

D. 40 years

E. None of these

Answer – B


13) The average expenditure of the hotel when there are 10 guests is Rs. 80 per guests and the average expenditure is Rs.40 when there are 30 Guests. If it is known that there are some fixed expenses irrespective of the number of guests then the average expenditure per guest when there are 50 guests in the hotel.?

A. Rs. 25

B. Rs. 35

C. Rs. 50

D. Rs. 45

E. None of these

Answer – B


14) The average marks of Sumit decreased by one, when he replaced the subject in which he has scored 40 marks by the other two subjects in which he has just scored 23 and 25 marks respectively. Later he has also included 57 marks of Computer Science, then the average marks increased by two. How many subjects were there initially?

A. 12

B. 14

C. 10

D. 15

E. 13

Answer – D


15).The average runs scored by a cricketer is 42 innings, is 40. The difference between his maximum and minimum scores in an inning is 100. If these two innings are not taken into consideration, then the average score of remaining 40 inning is 38. Calculate the maximum runs scored by him in an innings ?

A. 125

B. 130

C. 110

D. 100

E. None of these

Answer – B


16) The average weight of 4 persons, Amit, Bala, Catherine and David is 65 kg. The 5th person Elina is included and the average weight decreses by 2 kg. Amit is replaced by Francis. The weight of Francis is 4 kg more than Elina. Average weight decreases because of the replacement of Amit and now the average weight is 64 kg. Find the weight of Amit.

A. 54 kg

B. 66 kg

C. 55 kg

D. 68 kg

E. None of these


Answer – A


17) The average weight of the students in four sections Red, Black, Green and Yellow is 60 kg. The average weight of the students of Red, Black, Green and Yellow individually are 45 kg, 50 kg, 72 kg and 80 kg, respectively. If the average weight of the students of section Red and Black together is 48 kg and that of Black and Green together is 60 kg. What is the ratio of the number of the students in sections Red and Yellow?

A. 12 : 7

B. 2 : 3

C. 4 : 3

D. 8 : 5

E. None of these

Answer – B


18) Out of the three annual examinations, each with a total of 500 marks, a student secured average marks of 45% and 55% in the first and second annual examinations. To have an overall average of 60%, how many marks does the student need to secure in the third annual examination ?

A. 450

B. 400

C. 350

D. 300

E. None of the Above

Answer –B


19) The average age of women and child workers in a factory was 20 year. The average age of all the 12 children was 8 year and average age of women workers was 26 year. If 9 women workers were married, then the number of unmarried women workers was.

A. 16

B. 17

C. 18

D. 15

E. None of these

Answer – D


20) The average age of all the members of Mr. Ravi’s family is 25 year. The average age of males is 30 year while the average age of females is 20 year. If the number of females in the family is 10, then find out the number of males?

A. 20

B. 30

C. 15

D. 18

E. 10

Answer – E