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1.Acid Test 
Meaning: To prove the effectiveness of something
Example: I practiced hard for my exam, but the acid test will come when I appear for it tomorrow.

2.An arm and a leg
Meaning: Very expensive or costly. A large amount of money.
Example: Everything that this restaurant offers tastes very good, and the best part is that it doesn’t even cost an arm and a leg.

3. At the drop of a hat
Meaning: To do something immediately
Example: She spent so many years looking after that boy, and the day she met his mother, she left him at the drop of a hat.

4. Ball of fire
Meaning: To refer to someone as being extremely active and energetic
Example: When he joined work, everyone said that he was a real ball of fire. His work and company’s success already shows so.

5. Blood ran cold
Meaning: To be frightened
Example: Mahesh’s blood ran cold when he heard that his father was murdered.

6. Bright as a button
Meaning: To be very intelligent
Example: Charu’s daughter is bright as a button, I have no doubt that she’ll top these exams.

7. Bring home the bacon
To bring home money, earned by doing some work
Example: She decided to take up the teaching job because her husband was fired, and at least one of them had to bring home the bacon.

8. Caught between two stools
Meaning: To be confused
Example: Megha was caught between two stools when it came to deciding whether she wanted to study further or start working.

9. Cut corners
Doing something to save money
Example: Once their family income became nill, they had to sell their house to cut corners.

10. Dance on someone’s grave
Meaning: To be happy at someone’s death
Example: Even though he didn’t say it out aloud, he knew when his enemy would die, he’d be dancing on his grave.

11. Dead and Buried
Meaning: To refer to something as being of no use
Example: All problems of past are dead and buried now.

12. Dead wood
Meaning: To refer to workers who don’t contribute in any work
Example: There are a number of dead woods working here, who wouldn’t let anyone else work too.

13. Dip your toe in the water
Meaning: To be careful of doing something new
Example: Madhu has started doing some volunteer work at the nearby government school to dip her toe in the water of working in the education field.

14. Fair-weather friend
Meaning: To refer to someone who gives you company only during the good times
Example: You may not want to confide in Ram, he is a fair-weather friend only.

15. Get out of a jam
Meaning: To get out of a bad situation
Example: Passing that exam was like getting out of a jam.

16. Get ducks in a row
Meaning: Getting things organized
Example: I have decided that after exams I’ll make a time-table will get ducks in a row.

17. Think on your feet
Meaning: Making fast changes and adjusting to them promptly
Example: A good sales man must be able to think on his feet to close the deal.

18. Give somebody a leg up
Meaning: To help someone
Example: The professor worked consistently to give her a leg up.

19. Go bananas
Meaning: To be very angry with someone/ something
Example: Her mother went bananas when she heard that we partied all night long.

20. Green with envy
Meaning: To be very jealous
Example: Harshita was green with envy when her brother was allowed to go for that concert.