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Current updates (IN ENGLISH) of 19 Nev. 2016

1.Which date is observed as ‘No Tobacco Day’ in an effort to discourage tobacco by the Punjab Government?
A.November 2
B.October 30
C.October 31
D.November 1

Answer  –  D.November 1


2.Which date is celebrated as World Vegan Day every year all around the world to raises awareness about animal rights?
A.October 30
B.November 1
C.November 2
D.October 31

Answer  –  B.November 1


3.Which significant Hindi writer was passed away at an age of 86 in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh?
A.Hridyesh Mehrotra
B.Raj Begum
C.Gobind Tej
D.Shrad Rao

Answer  –   A.Hridyesh Mehrotra


4.Tony awards winner and voiced actress has passed away at an age of 82. Who is she?
A.Brittany Murphy
B.Hazel Shermet
C.Tammy Grimes
D.Nancy Reagan

Answer  –   C.Tammy Grimes


5.Which Indian off – spin bowler has continued to top position in the bowler’s list with 900 points?
A.Umesh Yadav
B.Axar Patel
C.Bhuvneshwar Kumar
D.Ravichandran Ashwin

Answer  – D.Ravichandran Ashwin


6.Which formula one racer kept his title hopes alive with a comfortable victory from Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg in the Mexican Grand Prix?
A.Max Verstappen
B.Sebestian Vettel
C.Nico Roseberg
D.Lewis Hamilton

Answer  –  D.Lewis Hamilton


7.Who has taken charge as the General officer Commanding of the Army’s strategic Chinar Corps?
A.Amit Mishra
B.P V Siddique
C.J S Sandhu
D.P V Balaji

Answer  –   C.J S Sandhu


8.Who has been appointed as Brand Ambassador of Swachh Rail Mission?
A.Mohan S Kharbanda
B.Bindheswar Pathak
C.Satya Nadella
D.Rahul Agarwal

Answer  –  B.Bindheswar Pathak


9.Who has taken over charge as Director of New Delhi based NTPC Limited on November 1, 2016?
A.Atul Sobti
B.S Varadarajan
C.Varinder Gupta
D.Saptarshi Roy

Answer  –  D.Saptarshi Roy


10.What is the name of Social media Twitter head has recently decided to quit his job at the end of November 2016?
A.Kabir Khan
B.Varun Pulyani
C.Kirthiga Reddy
D.Rishi Jaitly

Answer  –  D.Rishi Jaitly


11.Which Veteran journalist has been awarded with ‘Raja Ram Mohan Roy Award’ for his outstanding contribution to journalism?
A.S Nihal Singh
B.Saeed Naqvi
C.Inder Malhotra
D.Ravish Kumar

Answer  – A.S Nihal Singh


12.NHPC, India’s largest hydropower generation company announced that it has approved its 50 Megawatt (MW) wind power project (WPP) in which place? 
A.Shillong, Meghalaya
B.Indore, Madhya Pradesh
C.Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
D.Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Answer  –  D.Jaisalmer, Rajasthan


13.The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has now made it compulsory for the public sector banks to report to it all such matters involving funds over how much amount? 
A.Rs.3 crore
B.Rs.2 crore
C.Rs.1 crore
D.Rs.2.5 crore

Answer  –  C.Rs.1 crore


14.Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Haryana’s year-long golden jubilee celebrations of Haryana in which city?

Answer  –   B.Gurugram


15.What is the minimum wage fixed for unskilled agricultural labour in C-class towns in central sphere by the Union Government?
A.Rs 350 per day
B.Rs 300 per day
C.Rs 450 per day
D.Rs 500 per day

Answer  –  A.Rs 350 per day


16.International Forum on Adopting an ICT Perspective to Education and Learning was held in which city? 
B.New Delhi

Answer  – B.New Delhi


17.Which state became the third and largest state to be declared Open Defecation Free (ODF) under the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM- Gramin)?

Answer  –  D.Kerala


18.What is the new act enacted by the Union Government for Five Union Territories to regulate the housing sector transparency?
A.Transparency Act
B.Housing Loan Act
C.New Housing Act
D.Real Estate Act

Answer  – D.Real Estate Act


19.How many bilateral ODI series has won by the India against New Zealand since 1999?

Answer  – C.5


20.Which German football player was ending his playing career and would train as a coach declared by the German Soccer Federation?
A.Calvin Johnson
B.Zinedine Zidane
C.Lionel Messi
D.Miroslav Klose

Answer  –  D.Miroslav Klose


21.Reserve Bank of India had opened as Second Ombudsman Office taking into account the significant increase of the banking network in which city?
C.New Delhi

Answer  –  C.New Delhi


22.The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has ordered PSBs to report all such matters involving funds over _____
A. Rs. 1 crore
B. Rs.2 crore
C. Rs.5 crore
D.Rs. 3 crore

Answer – A. Rs. 1 crore


23.Which date is declared as International Day to commemorate the assassination of two French journalists in Mali on 2 November 2013 by the United Nations?
A.October 30
B.October 31
C.November 1
D.November 2

Answer  –  D.November 2


24.Name the Football World Cup trophy designer has died at an age of 95 in Milan?
A.Nancy Regan
B.Silvio Gazzaniga
C.David Bowie
D.Gordon Hamilton

Answer  –  B.Silvio Gazzaniga


25.Which Indian Young Shuttler has won the maiden title in Bahrain International Challenge badminton tournament was held at Segayya in Bahrain?
A.Pratul Joshi
B.Kidambi Srikanth
C.Saina Nehwal
D.PV Sindhu

Answer  –  A.Pratul Joshi


26.Which Indian player clinched 11th place in the fourth Round of the NBA D-League Draft was held in New York?
A.Palpreet Singh
B.Sankaran Subramanian
C.Amjyot Singh
D.Amrinder Singh

Answer  – A.Palpreet Singh


27.Researchers from which state has discovered a new variety of rice seed under the head of A K Sarawgi?
D.Uttar Pradesh

Answer  –  A.Chattisgarh


28.What is the name of stealth fighter is unveiled in public by the China government?
A.Shengdu J-10
B.Chengdu J-10
C.Shengdu J-20
D.Chengdu J-20

Answer  –  D.Chengdu J-20


29.Which IFS officer has been appointed as the next Ambassador of India to the Republic of Lebanon by Ministry of External Affairs?
A.Shyam Saran
B.Sanjiv Arora
C.Pradeep Kumar Sinha
D.Vikas Swarup

Answer  –   B.Sanjiv Arora


30.Which Indian actress would be honoured by the upcoming Dubai International Film Festival with a Lifetime Achievement Award?
A.Shilpa Shetty
C.Saroja Devi

Answer  – D.Rekha


31.Which US based job portal has signed an agreement with Ministry of Human Resource Development to create more job opportunities in India?
C.Monster Jobs

Answer  –  B.LinkedIn


32.What is the name of project is launched by the PM Narendra Modi to mark the 16th foundation day for Chattisgarh?
A.Saur Sujala Yojana
B.Paani Sujala Yojana
C.Paramaanu Oorja Yojana
D.Koyala Sujala Yojana

Answer  –   A.Saur Sujala Yojana


33.Which US-based ATM manufacturer has bagged the single largest order from SBI to install over 7,000 cash-vending machines?
A.Kiosk Manufacturers
B.NCR Corporation
C.Bitcoin ATM Manufacturers
D.Diebold Nixdorf

Answer  – B.NCR Corporation


34.Which bank has launched home loan overdraft facility for salaried customers against their home loans?
A.State Bank of India
B.Bank of Baroda

Answer  –   D.ICICI Bank


35.How much fund has invested for renewable energy companies to help New Delhi meet its clean energy goals by the Union Government?
A.$5 billion
B.$4 billion
C.$3 billion
D.$2 billion

Answer  –   D.$2 billion


36.Ministry of HUPA and Common Services Centre e-Governance Services India Limited of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology signed an (MoU) for enabling online submission of applications under which scheme?

Answer  –  D.PMAY


37.The 10th Command Level Navy Coast Guard (COMNAVGUARD) meeting was held in which place on November 2, 2016?

Answer  –  B.Visakhapatnam


38.How much amount has been funded for the Yamuna riverfront project at Sonia Vihar by the Delhi Government?
A.Rs. 400Cr
B.Rs. 300Cr
C.Rs. 200Cr
D.Rs. 100Cr

Answer  –  C.Rs. 200Cr


39.Which minister has announced that the Government has taken a new initiative to create a Film Promotion Fund to promote Indian cinema in the International Film Festivals?
A.Suresh Prabu
B.Ravi Shankar Pradesh
C.M.Venkaiah Naidu
D.Narendra Modi

Answer  –  C.M.Venkaiah Naidu


40.Which country’s government has announced 19 grants worth $6,30,000 dollars for several projects in the field of education, science, sports, arts and culture?
B.South Africa

Answer  –  A.Australia


41.State Bank of India has slashed its home loan rate to a six-year low to how much percentage with effective from 1st November? 

Answer  –  B.9.10%


42.When BSE aimed to operationalise the international exchange granted by SEBI?

Answer  – A.2017


43.Which Legendary Sri Lankan singer and composer is a recipient of India’s Padma Shri awards has been passed away at an age of 88?
A.Syed Shamsul Haq
B.Srihari Khoday
C.RC Dhere
D.Pandit Amaradeva

Answer  –  D.Pandit Amaradeva


44.Name the Former Jammu and Kashmir Deputy Chief Minister has passed away at an age of 85?
A.Ṭhenphunga Sailo
B.Hukam Singh
C.Kalikho Pul
D.Mangat Ram Sharma

Answer  –  D.Mangat Ram Sharma


45.What is the minimum speed has been made it mandatory by TRAI for all the Broadband providers in India?
A.256 Kbps
B.512 Kbps
C.1 Mbps
D.2 Mbps

Answer  –  B.512 Kbps


46.Who has been appointed as the new Prime Minister of South Korea by President Park Geun-Hye?
A.Tsai Ing-wen
B.Shinzō Abe
C.Kim Byong-Joon
D.Hwang Kyo-Ahn

Answer  –  C.Kim Byong-Joon


47.Who has took over as Chief of Integrated Defence Staff to the Chairman Chiefs of Staff Committee (CISC)?
A.Satish Dua
B.SK Saini
C.AK Bhatt
D.R Gopal

Answer  –  A.Satish Dua


48.Who became the Canada’s first Sikh Senator to showcase the rich diversity of Sikh and South Asian art and culture?
A.Sarabjit Singh Marwah
B.RP Singh
C.Arvinder Singh Lamba
D.Ashwini Mehra

Answer  –  A.Sarabjit Singh Marwah


49.Who has presented the Ramnath Goenka Awards for Excellence in Journalism 2016 in New Delhi?
A.Smriti Irani
B.Narendra Modi
C.Suresh Prabu
D.Chandrababu Naidu

Answer  –  B.Narendra Modi


50.Which brand is topped in the India’s most attractive brands index 2016 study carried out by Trust Research Advisory (TRA)?

Answer  –  B.LG



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