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Directions (1-8): In the following sentences there are two blanks spaces. Below each sentence five pairs of words are given, which are marked (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e). Select the appropriate pair to fill in the blanks in the same order, to complete the sentence meaningful.


Q1. Roshan __________ me coming to his table, he smiled and __________ me a chair.

(a) Looked, gave

(b) Welcomed, took

(c) Saw, offered

(d) Found, signaled

(e) Met, sat

Answer – C




Q2. The counter clerk was very busy and __________ not pay any __________ to Rathaur’s respect.

(a) Did, attention

(b) Had, cash

(c) Could, respect

(d) Can, help

(e) Certainly, acceptance

Answer – A




Q3. We are __________ to have him __________ here to make this function a great success.

(a) Happy, arrive

(b) Wonderful, again

(c) Sure, come

(d) Pleased, over

(e) Proud., leave

Answer – D




Q4. Mihtun __________ another feather __________ his cap by his wonderful performance in the one-day match.

(a) Created, by

(b) Took, in

(c) Captured, from

(d) Kept in

(e) Added, to

Answer – E




Q5. The Punjab Government employees __________ threatened to launch an indefinite strike from next month to __________ their demands.

(a) Have, press

(b) Did, get

(c) Were, meet

(d) Nearly, fulfill

(e) Has, press

Answer – A




Q6. The speech__________ with subtle threats has resulted in __________ tension in the sensitive areas of the city.

(a) Full, escalating

(b) Started, reduced

(c) Followed, continuous

(d) Replete, increased

(e) Certainly, acceptance

Answer – D




Q7. __________ by long queues and bad whether the voters __________ their way to polling stations any way they could.

(a) Undaunted, made

(b) Worried, lost

(c) Encouraged, prepared

(d) Going, dropped

(e) Satisfied, turned

Answer – A




Q8. The Chief Minister __________ the House that __________ action would be taken against all those found involved in corruption.

(a) Instructed, Preventive

(b) Called, strict

(c) Assured, Stringent

(d) Reiterated, strictly

(e) Informed, constructive

Answer – C




Directions (9-15): In the following passage, some words or phrase are italicized/Bold. Each of these words/phrases are serially numbered. These serial numbers are reprinted under the passage. Choose the words that can correctly substitute the italicized/Bold word in the passage. If the word/group of words are correct as it is and no correction is required, give ‘no correction required’ as your answer.


What looks very much like genocide has been (9) taking place in Rwanda. People are pulled on (10) cars and buses, ordered to defer (11) their identity papers and then killed on the spot until (12) they belong to the wrong ethnic group. Thousands of bodies have already given (13) up, and the peace (14) continues despite the present (15) of 1,700 UN peace keepers.





(a) Were not

(b) Will be

(c) Would be

(d) Have never been

(e) No correction required

Answer – E





(a) From

(b) Out

(c) To

(d) Within

(e) No correction required

Answer – A





(a) Show

(b) Dissolve

(c) Stand

(d) Forget

(e) No correction required

Answer – A





(a) Then

(b) Why

(c) If

(d) Again

(e) No correction required

Answer – C





(a) Piled

(b) Stood

(c) Woken

(d) Gone

(e) No correction required

Answer – A





(a) Life

(b) Future

(c) Killing

(d) Understanding

(e) No correction required

Answer – C





(a) Lifelong

(b) Recurrence

(c) Followers

(d) Presence

(e) No correction required

Answer – D

Directions (16-30): Choose the option which is the antonym of the word mentioned in the question.




Q16. Meagre

(a) insufficient

(b) ample

(c) marginal

(d) extraneous

(e) scanty

Answer – B




Q17. Analysis

(a) dissection   

(b) criticize        

(c) projection

(d) synthesis     

(e) dialysis

Answer – D




Q18. Condemn

(a) penalize       

(b) censure       

(c) punish

(d) approve       

(e) castigate

Answer – D




Q19. Apposite

(a) opposite      

(b) ruddy            

(c) truthful

(d) inappropriate            

(e) apt

Answer – D




Q20. Inflexible                   

(a) rigid                               

(b) caustic         

(c) amenable

(d) acrid                             

(e) infirm

Answer – C




Q21. Disparage

(a) indict                            

(b) slander         

(c) appreciate

(d) honour                         

(e) downsize

Answer – C




Q22. Impede

(a) tolerate                        

(b) recede         

(c) assist

(d) bother                          

(e) cripple

Answer – C




Q23. Dissent

(a) fall                 

(b) debacle        

(c) approval

(d) antagonism

(e) ascent

Answer – C




Q24. Reasoned

(a) logical                           

(b) arbitrary      

(c) nurtured

(d) confused     

(e) objective

Answer – B




Q25. Fetid

(a) rotten                           

(b) aromatic      

(c) gibberish

(d) bucolic                         

(e) fowl smelling

Answer – B




Q26. Ardent

(a) zealous                         

(b) fanatical      

(c) apathetic

(d) bullish          

(e) spirited

Answer – C




Q27. Contentious

(a) irascible       

(b) placatory     

(c) jaundiced

(d) myopic                         

(e) irritable

Answer – B




Q28. Buoyant

(a) lively                             

(b) disinterested

(c) affable                          

(d) morose        

(e) relaxed

Answer – D




Q29. Coalesce

(a) converge     

(b) assimilate   

(c) disperse

(d) moderate   

(e) assemble

Answer – C




Q30. Antediluvian          

(a) modern        

(b) antiquated

(c) stylish                           

(d) artistic          

(e) lucky

Answer – A




Directions (31-35): Fill in the blanks choosing the word that is most appropriate in the context of the passage.

Religion is becoming a ready excuse for indulging in irrational and otherwise   (1)    behavior. From encroaching public land to browbeating    (2)    to one’s own advance, religion is being increasingly    (3)    for satisfying non-sense, even nonsense. ‘Politics’, said George Bernard Shaw, ‘is the last resort of scoundrels’.  We must (4) That religion does not suffer a similar  (5)  in the land of religions.






(a) unintelligible

(b) indefensible

(c) justifiable

(d) unmaintainable

(e) manageable

Answer – B





(a) jurisprudence

(b) jurisdiction

(c) people

(d) politicians

(e) common man

Answer – A





(a) disposed

(b) redistributed

(c) positioned

(d) deployed

(e) advertised

Answer – D





(a) guarantee

(b) certify

(c) ensure

(d) confirm

(e) promote

Answer – C





(a) demotion

(b) deposition

(c) discard

(d) shaming

(e) degradation

Answer – E




Directions (36-40): Fill in the blanks choosing the word that is most appropriate in the context of the passage.




The terrorist attack on a hotel in Mombasa, Kenya, should give Israel and its backers in the U.S. enough reason to rethink their stance. Israel has traditionally taken the view – in practice, if not always in theory – that the best way of dealing with the Palestinian issue is to    (6)    terms from a position of military strength. The effects of this hardline stance are    (7)    to anybody, who does not deliberately shut his eyes to it. While nobody in his senses would argue that Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians justifies a terrorists response, it would be equally    (8)    to argue that Israel has not helped the cause of terrorists like Osama Bin Laden or dictators like Saddam Hussain. It is no    (9)    that both Bin Laden and Saddam have repeatedly used Israel as a symbol of the enemy, the  former to gain legitimacy for his fundamental agenda, the latter to project himself as an Arab leader fighting the U.S – Israel nexus, without such as obvious ‘common enemy’ to    (10)    people against, both would find it much more difficult to sustain themselves.





(a) bid

(b) issue

(c) dictate

(d) pronounce

(e) negotiate

Answer – C





(a) conspicuous

(b) patent

(c) palpable

(d) obvious

(e) shrouded

Answer – D





(a) futile

(b) inefficacious

(c) abortive

(d) unsuccessful

(e) rational

Answer – A





(a) fluke

(b) supposition

(c) luck

(d) serendipity

(e) coincidence

Answer –  E





(a) group

(b) rally

(c) band

(d) assemble

(e) congregate

Answer – B




Directions (41-45): Fill in the blanks choosing the word that is most appropriate in the context of the passage.




Self-help groups for women have been formed using micro finance service as the entry point. The experience has shown that by giving    (41)    to financial service women’s self-help groups have not only empowered women  economically, but have also contributed to    (42)    their dignity and position within their communities and families. It has given women the confidence and power to    (43)    with banks and local government officials as well as the other economic sectors. In all these    (44)    the aim has been to create conditions in which women can become    (45)    agents of change for social as well as economic development.






(a) entry

(b) admission

(c) band

(d) access

(e) prominence

Answer – E





(a) flattering

(b) seizing

(c) decorating

(d) maintaining

(e) enhancing

Answer – D





(a) fulfil

(b) orchestrate

(c) negotiate

(d) contract

(e) corroborate

Answer – C





(a) courses

(b) programmes

(c) events

(d) occurrences

(e) places

Answer – B





(a) efficacious

(b) moving

(c) effective

(d) energetic

(e) sincere

Answer – C




Q46. In these bleak and depressing times of __________ prices, non-performing governments and __________ crime rates, Virat Kohli has given us Indians a lot to cheer about.

(a) escalating, increasing

(b) spiraling, booming

(c) spiraling, soaring

(d) ascending, debilitating

(e) sporadic, deteriorating

Answer – C




Q47. The Internet is a medium where users have nearly __________ choices and __________ constraints about where to go; and what to do.

(a) unbalanced, non-existent

(b) embarrassing, no

(c) unlimited, minimal

(d) choking, shocking

(e) restricted, nominal

Answer – C




Q48. The Athenians on the whole, were peaceful and prosperous; they had __________ to sit at home and think about the universe and dispute with Socrates, or to travel abroad and __________ the world.

(a) leisure, explore

(b) time, ignore

(c) ability, suffer

(d) temerity, understand

(e) problems, roam

Answer – A




Q49. Their achievement in the field of literature is described as __________; sometimes it is even called __________.

(a) magnificent, irresponsible

(b) insignificant, influential

(c) significant, paltry

(d) unimportant, trivial

(e) amorous, infidel

Answer – D




Q50. From the time she had put her hair up, every man she had met had groveled before her and she had acquired a mental attitude toward the other sex which was a blend of __________ and __________.

(a) admiration, tolerance

(b) indifference, contempt

(c) impertinence, temperance

(d) arrogance, fidelity

(e) appreciation, fidelity

Answer – B




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