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Current updates (IN ENGLISH) of 24 Sep. 2016

1. Who topped the Asian Rich List 2016, which was released in March 2016 by the Indian high commissioner to the UK Navtej Sarna?
a) Hinduja Brothers
b) Lakshmi Niwas Mittal
c) Sri Prakash Lohia
d) Lord Swraj Paul

Answer: a) Hinduja Brothers



2. Name the US Air Force General who in March 2016 was nominated by President Barack Obama to lead the United States Northern Command.
a) Tori Robinson
b) Lori Robinson
c) Jade Mathews
d) Sandra Robinson

Answer: B) Lori Robinson



3. PM inaugurated ‘Krishi Unnati Mela’ in New Delhi. It is associated with?
a) Small Industries
b) Handicrafts
c) Agriculture
d) Weaving and Handlooms

Answer: c) Agriculture



4. Which Indian wrestler won a gold medal in the Asian Olympic Qualification tournament held in Astana, Kazakhstan?
a) Sushil Kumar
b) Gagan Narang
c) Yogeshwar Dutt
d) Sangram Singh

Answer: C) Yogeshwar Dutt



5. FICCI has planned to build 250 toilets in which of the following states?
a) Madhya Pradesh
b) Andhra Pradesh
c) Arunachal Pradesh
d) Chhattisgarh

Answer: B) Andhra Pradesh



6. EU has struck a deal on migrant crisis to seek a solution for the problem of refugees with which of these nations?
a) Syria
b) Germany
c) Turkey
d) Hungary

Answer: C) Turkey



7. Which Bank has launched solutions for startups?
c) Axis Bank
d) Yes Bank

Answer: A) HDFC



8. Gurmeet Singh who created record by winning gold in Asian Championship won in ?
a) Marathon
b) 20 km walking race
c) Shooting
d) High jump

Answer: B) 20 Km walking race



9. ICC suspended bowlers Arafat Sunny and Taskin from playing in international games.They belong to which country?
a) Pakistan
b) Afghanisthan
c) Bangladesh
d) Sri Lanka

Answer: c) Bangladesh



10. Which of the states have disbursed 1800 crores under MUDRA Yojana?
a) Jharkhand
b) Chhattisgarh
c) Haryana
d) Punjab

Answer: b) Chhattisgarh



11. Frank jr. Sinnatra who passed away is a?
a) TV Anchor
b) Professor
c) Singer
d) Magician

Answer: C) Singer



12. Name the Indian-origin student who on 17 March 2016 was awarded the inaugural Noor Inayat Khan Prize in London.
a) Barkha Kumar
b) Geetakshi Arora
c) Vimal Khanna
d) Jaydeep Singhal

Answer: B) Geetakshi Arora



13. Who was appointed as director of Royal Challengers Sports Private Limited following the resignation of Vijay Mallya on 17 March 2016?
a) Siddharth Mallya
b) Russell Adams
c) Sara Mallya
d) Amrit Thomas

Answer: d) Amrit Thomas



14. Identify the Formula One driver who in March 2016 won the 2016 Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne Grand Prix.
a) Daniel Ricciardo
b) Sebastian Vettel
c) Nico Rosberg
d) Lewis Hamilton

Answer : C) Nico Rosberg



15. International Day of Happiness is celebrated on March 20 from the year?
a) 2012
b) 2014
c) 2013
d) 2010

Answer: C) 2013



16. Name the badminton player who on 20 March 2016 won the men’s singles title at the 2016 Swiss Open.
a) Marc Zwiebler
b) He Bingjiao
c) HS Prannoy
d) Srikanth Kidambi

Answer : C) HS Prannoy



17. Which famous fashion designer in March 2016 was appointed as an advisor to the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) for promotion of khadi in India and across the world?
a) Manish Malhotra
b) Manish Arora
c) Anamika Khanna
d) Ritu Beri

Answer: d) Ritu Beri



18. Identify India’s unique Biosphere Reserve in the Western Ghats that is among 20 new sites added by the UNESCO to its World Network of Biosphere Reserves
a) Agasthyamala Biosphere Reserve
b) Great Nicobar
c) Simlipal Biosphere Reserve
d) Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve

Answer: A) Agasthyamala Biosphere Reserve



19. AYUSH ministry have entered into agreement with WHO to popularize Ayurvedic medicines. Who is the minister of AYUSH?
a) Arvind Subramaniam
b) J P Nadda
c) Shripad Yesso Naik
d) Nitin Gadkari

Answer: c) Shripad Yesso Naik



20. The health ministry recently launched the Bedaquiline drug that is used to treat?
a) Malaria
b) Dengue
c) Tuberculosis
d) Zika virus

Answer: C) Tuberculosis



21. US president Barack Obama made his historic visit to Cuba after 88 years. Name the capital of Cuba
a) Limu
b) Havana
c) Suva
d) Bogota

Answer: B) Havana



22. Which country recently lifted its Ban on International Sikh Youth Federation?
a) India
b) Canada
c) UK
D) Australia

Answer: C) UK



23. IRDA approved the investment in PSB’s of which insurance company?
a) United India
b) LIC
c) New India Assurance
d) Oriental India Insurance

Answer: B) LIC



24. The government has cancelled the recognition of Delhi Stock Exchange. When was it established?
a) 1976
b) 1956
c) 1947
d) 1991

Answer: c) 1947



25. WHO have banned the TB Drug manufactured from which of the Pharma company?
a) Svitzera
b) Pfitzer
c) Sun pharma
d) Cipla

Answer : a) Svitzera



26. Which taxi company has introduced its new service termed ‘Micro’?
a) Uber
b) Ola
c) Meru Cabs
d) Taxi for sure

Answer: b) Ola



27. UN has appointed which animated character as its honorary ambassador for climate change? 
a) Donald Duck
b) Mickey Mouse
c) Angry bird
d) Scooby –doo

Answer: c) Angry bird



28. Which veteran Soccer has been appointed as the brand ambassador of Huawei?
a) Neymer
b) Cristiano Ronaldo
c) Lionel Messi
d) Ronaldinho

Answer: C) Lionel Messi



29. Who has won the Hero Indian title of 2016 golf championship?
a) Anirban Lahiri
b) SSP Chawrasia
c) Arjun Atwal
d) Daniel Chopra

Answer: B) SSP Chawrasia



30. March 21 is celebrated as International day of Elimination of Racial Discrimination. What is the theme of 2016?
a) Learning from tragedies to combat racial discrimination today
b) Challenges and Achievements of the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action
c) The Role of Leaders in Combatting Racism and Racial Discrimination
d) Disqualify Racism

Answer: B) Challenges and Achievements of the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action



31. The committee to examine the taxation of business models for e-commerce was headed by?
a) Akhilesh Ranjan
b) Deepak Mohanty
c) Arvind Subramaniam
d) S K Roy

Answer: A) Akhilesh Ranjan



32. BHEL has commissioned its second thermal unit in Punjab. What is its capacity?
a) 200 MW
b) 250MW
c) 300 MW
d) 270MW

Answer: d) 270 MW



33. Haryana government has proposed its tax free state budget for 2016-17. Who is the Finance Minister of Haryana?
a) Manohar lal Khattar
b) Abhimanyu
c) Vidhyasagar
d) Harsha vardhan

Answer: Abhimanyu



34. The Current Account Deficit of India has narrowed to how much percent of GDP?
a) 1.3%
b) 1.5%
c) 1.7%
d) 2%

Answer: a) 1.3%



35. PVR cinemas have signed with Paytm to sell movie tickets online. Who is the founder & CEO of Paytm?
a) Vijay Shekhar Sharma
b) Adithya Puri
c) Shantanu Narayan
d) Binny Bansal

Answer: a) Vijay Shekhar Sharma



36. Which Planet’s Gravity Map has been made based on the three NASA spacecrafts?
a) Mars
b) Jupiter
c) Uranus
d) Neptune

Answer: a) Mars



37. Hepziba, a Chennai based girl won the Street Child games 100 m race. The Street child games was held at?
a) Beijing
b) Mexico
c) Rio de Janeiro
d) New Delhi

Answer: c) Rio de Janeiro



38. Which Union Ministry that notified new Plastic Waste Management Rules to curb over 6000 tonnes of uncollected plastic waste generated daily by industries in March 2016?
a) Environment, Forest and Climate Change
b) Earth Sciences
c) Science and Technology
d) Agriculture & Irrigation Ministry

Answer: A) Environment, Forest and Climate change



39. Identify the former Chairman and CEO of Intel who passed away on March 21,2016?
a) Stephen Grove
b) Robert Noyce
c) Andrew Grove
d) Gordon Moore

Answer: c) Andrew Grove



40. Name the noted Malayalam writer who in the third week of March 2016 was chosen for the CV Kunhiraman Literary Prize.
a) M. T. Vasudevan Nair
b) C. V. Balakrishnan
c) Paul Zacharia
d) M Sukumaran

Answer : d) M Sukumaran



41. Who was declared as winner of the presidential elections of semi-autonomous region Zanzibar on 21 March 2016?
a) Ali Mohamed Shein
b) Abeid Karume
c) Amani Abeid Karume
d) Salmin Amour

Answer : a) Ali Mohamed Shein



42. Identify the country with which Nepal signed 10 agreements to extend the strategic Tibet rail link to Nepal on 21 March 2016.
a) India
b) China
c) Russia
d) Bangladesh

Answer: b) China



43. Identify the Mobile that was launched by PM Narendra Modi in New Delhi to help farmers to bring technology to farm fields.
a) Kisan Suvidha
b) Krishi Tech
c) Pusa Krishi
d) Krishi Suvidha

Answer: a) Kisan Suvidha



44. Who won men’s singles title of the BNP Paribas Open at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden in Southern California ?
a) Rafael Nadal
b) Andy Murray
c) Roger Federer
d) Novak Djokovic

Answer : d) Novak Djokovic



45. Who was presented with the Life Time Achievement Award at the 5th National Photography Awards ceremony?
a) Javed Ahmed Dar
b) Bhawan Singh
c) Himanshu Thakur
d) Manob Chowdhury

Answer: b) Bhawan Singh



46. Which country will host the 8th BRICS summit?
a) Russia
b) Brazil
c) India
d) China

Answer: C) India



47. The Union government has proposed to increase the wages of NREGS workers by how much percent?
a) 7%
b) 6%
c) 5%
d) 10%

Answer: b) 6%



48. India post has launched the customized stamp of which of the following organization commemorating its platinum jubilee?
a) Tata Motors
b) Mahindra & Mahindra
c) Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
d) Reliance Industries

Answer: c) Hindustan Aeronautics Limited



49. French aviation company has signed a deal with which state to set up an Institute on Aerospace and provide training to atleast 1000 students?
a) Telengana
b) Andhra Pradesh
c) Maharashtra
d) Arunachal Pradesh

Answer: a) Telengana



50. NTPC has established a power unit at Nabinagar Thermal powerstation in Bihar.What is its capacity?
a) 300 MW
b) 500MW
c) 250MW
d) 750 MW

Answer: c) 250 MW



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