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Current updates (IN ENGLISH) of 14 Sep. 2016

1. Which University researchers have found a new Bio-Ink for 3D printing using stem cells that allows printing of living tissue called as Bio-Printing?
A.Harvard University
B.Oxford University
C.University of Bristol
D.Texas University

Ans: C.University of Bristol



2. Which aerospace successfully demonstrated the integration of most daunting supersonic cruise missile system at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited?

Ans: D.BrahMos



3. Name the organization founded by Zubaida Bai has grabbed a position among 10 “Champions and pioneers” titled by United Nations?

Ans: C.Ayzh



4. Who joined with the University of Chicago to work on development challenges in crucial areas like sanitation, energy and the environment on a three year pilot basis?
A.Adani Group
B.Reliance Group
C.Tata Trusts

Ans: C.Tata Trusts



5. Asian Development Bank accorded $500 million to build bridge over India’s longest river bridge is in which State?
A.West Bengal
C.Himachal Pradesh

Ans: D.Bihar



6. Which Country decided to suspend issuing labour permits to their nationals for Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya?

Ans: C.Nepal



7. Who has been named as the chairman of three member UN commission to monitor the human rights situation in South Sudan?
A.Yasmin Rouke
B.Yasmin Sooka
C.Jasmin Rouke
D.Yasueen Sooka

Ans: B.Yasmin Sooka



8. Which Government has signed an Armistice and demilitarization agreement with rebels force to end the Latin America’s longest war?

Ans: D.Colombia



9. For which train route Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu inaugurated maiden train by providing good infrastructure service in the railway sector?
A.Jabalpur – Chunar
B.Wadi – Kazipet
C.Delhi – Katra
D.Sonepat – Jind

Ans: D.Sonepat – Jind



10. Which canal is officially opened after 9 years of work having 80 km long too far aimed at boosting transit revenues and global trade?

Ans: B.Panama



11. Which archaeological site has been declared as the South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SARRC) cultural capital for the year 2016-17?
A.Divination Shrines, Armenia
B.Etruscan Underground Pyramids, Italy
C.Mahasthangarh, Bangladesh
D.Por Bajin, Siberia

Ans: C.Mahasthangarh, Bangladesh



12. Which place the American Beverage giant Coca-Cola will set up a bottling plant about 70 acres of land provided by the state government?
A.Bangalore, Karnataka
B.Kangchenjunga, Sikkim
C.Sitarganj, Jharkhand
D.Patiala, Punjab

Ans: C.Sitarganj, Jharkhand



13. Who is the former BCCI boss has been re-elected President of the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) during the state body’s Annual General Meeting held in Chennai?
A.Zaheer Abbas
B.N Srinivasan
C.Ranjib Biswal
D.Shashank Manohar

Ans: B.N Srinivasan



14. Who is the former Indian cricketer was named as head coach of the Afghanistan National Cricket Team?
A.Ajay Sharma
B.Sandeep Patil
C.Anil Kumble
D.Lalchand Rajput

Ans: D.Lalchand Rajput



15. How many Indian sportsmen who qualified for the Rio Olympics to be held in August this year?




16. India’s sole athletics World Championship medal winner Anju Bobby George and chief national badminton coach Pullela Gopichand have been enrolled as members of ______ India, a national programme for the development of sports.

Ans: D.Khelo



17. Which artist passed away due to age related ailments at his residence in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala who is initially started his career as a lawyer?
B.Jishnu Raghavan
C.Kavalam Narayana Panicker
D.Kalabavan Mani

Ans: C.Kavalam Narayana Panicker



18. Which day is observed since 1987 against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking to achieve the goal of an international society free of drug abuse?
A.July 25
B.June 28
C.June 27
D.June 26

Ans: D.June 26



19. Which day is observed every year as the UN International Day in support of Victims of Torture to speak out against the crime of torture?
A.July 13
B.June 16
C.June 26
D.August 12

Ans: C.June 26



20. In which entry India joined in Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) for a complete member to enlighten in high end missile technology?

Ans: B.35



21. For which route Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu laid train having Mainline Electric Multiple Unit based rail system?
A.Wadi to Kazipet
B.Patna to Ara
C.Ranchi to Bhadrak
D.Itanagar to Lumding

Ans: B.Patna to Ara



22. In which place the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh headed the 22nd meeting of eastern zonal council?
A.Agartala, Tiripura
B.Ranchi, Jharkhand
C.Gangtok, Sikkim
D.Bhubaneshwar, Orissa

Ans: B.Ranchi, Jharkhand



23. Which government inked a memorandum of understanding (MOU) deal for Rs 10,000 crore gas-based fertilizer project?
B.Arunachal Pradesh
C.Andhra Pradesh

Ans: C.Andhra Pradesh



24. For which place the 17th International Indian Film Academy Awards was held?

Ans: D.Spain



25. Which film won the best picture award in 17th International Indian Film Academy Awards?
A.Tanu Weds Manu Returns
B.Bajrangi Baijaan
C.Bajrao Mastani

Ans: B.Bajrangi Baijaan



26. Which project is commissioned by Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL) which has two units of 14 MW in Afghanistan?
A.Solar power
B.Hydro electric power
C.Nuclear power plant
D.Thermal power plant

Ans: B.Hydro electric power



27. Who is elected as a first new president of Iceland in 20 years after the 2008 global financial crisis and the Panama papers scandal?
A.Gudni Johannesson
B.Olafur Ragnar Grimsson
C.Mariano Rajoy
D.Nicola Sturgeon

Ans: A.Gudni Johannesson



28. Which bank’s first annual general meeting has been participated by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to discuss about the investment in Infrastructure?
A.New Development Bank
B.Bank Central Asia
C.Asian Development Bank
D.Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Ans: D.Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank



29. Which spiritual leader has been conferred with an Honorary Fellowship for his contributions in world’s peace and culture?
A.Ravi Shankar
B.Baba Hardev Singh
C.Sathya Sai Baba
D.Baba Ramdev

Ans: A.Ravi Shankar



30. Who is appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIFF)?
A.DK Aggarwal
B.Sujoy Bose
C.Anthony Lake
D.Sumit Bose

Ans: B.Sujoy Bose



31. Who has appointed by U.S. Secretary of State by Brussels based North Atlantic Treaty Organization as its next deputy secretary-general?
A.Mary Berra
B.Janet Yellen
C.Christian Lagarde
D.Rose Gottemoeller

Ans: D.Rose Gottemoeller



32. Which country has bagged Copa America Title formerly known as the South American Football Championship finals at MetLife Stadium?

Ans: A.Chile



33. Which player announced his retirement from international football because of stressful defeat in the finals of the Copa America League?
A.Andy Wilkinson
B.Cristiano Ronaldo
C.Lionel Messi
D.Daniel Agger

Ans: C.Lionel Messi



34. Which scheme is initiated by the Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik to afford education loan at 1% interest to students for pursuing higher studies?
A.Odisha Siksha Abhiyan
B.Kalinga Siksha Sathi Yojana
C.Kalinga Siksha Yojana
D.Odisha Siksha Sathi Yojana

Ans: B.Kalinga Siksha Sathi Yojana



35. Which temple is announced an aid of Rs. 25 crore over the next two years by the Union petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan for the infrastructure development?
A.Devi Dol Temple
B.Asvakranta temple
C.Kamakhya temple
D.Kedareswar Temple

Ans: C.Kamakhya temple



36. Which is the name of newly built headquarters of Jharkhand’s special anti-Maoist force that is inaugurated by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh?
A.Ranchi Jaguar
B.Ranchi Jaguar
C.Jharkhand Lion
D.Jharkhand Jaguar

Ans: D.Jharkhand Jaguar



37. What is the position of India out 130 countries in Human Capital Index that is released by the World Economic Forum in Geneva?

Ans: A.105



38. The International Monetary Fund cleared decks for the payment of ________ for Pakistan taking the total amount given to the country to USD 6.1 billion in the last few years?
A.USD 501 million
B.USD 105 million
C.USD 401 million
D.USD 201 million

Ans: A.USD 501 million



39. Which is the place the Indian naval ships are on a four day visit to enhance maritime cooperation between the navies of both countries?

Ans: D.Russia



40. Which eminent Chess Player honoured with ‘Honoris Causa’ Doctor of Science degree by the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur?
A.Kidambi Sundararajan
B.Das Neelotpal
C.Viswanathan Anand
D.Dibyendu Barua

Ans: C.Viswanathan Anand



41. Which two Indians have won the 2016 Queen’s Young Leaders award presented by Queen Elizabeth at the Buckingham Palace?
A.Hritik Kumar and Sneha Malini
B.Hritik Sawhney and Sneha Swain
C.Kartik Kumar and Neha Malini
D.Kartik Sawhney and Neha Swain

Ans: D.Kartik Sawhney and Neha Swain



42. Which country appointed Noor Huda Roslan and Nenney Shuhaidah Shamsuddin as judges of Malaysia’s Islamic Shariah High Court for the first time in the history of the judiciary of the Muslim-majority country?
D.Sri lanka

Ans: B.Malaysia



43. Who is the CEO of Switzerland based Nestle which has selected a health care executive for the involvement of nutrition , health and wellness business?
A.Yogesh Chander Deveshwar
B.Anand Kripalu
C.Ulf Mark Schneider
D.Varun Berry

Ans: C.Ulf Mark Schneider



44. What is name of capsule which is released by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) under the aegis of Ministry of Science and Technology for the regulation of glucose level?

Ans: A.BGR-34



45. Which place of Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir has successfully introduced Sericulture by the Scientists from Temperate Sericulture Research Institute of SKUAST?

Ans: A.Kargil



46. In which place China sets up first Dark Sky Reserve for astronomical observation and sites preserving to limit light pollution?
B.Hong Kong

Ans: D.Tibet



47. Which Indian shooter recently won silver in men’s 50-metre rifle 3 position event of the ISSF World Cup held in Baku, Ajerbaijan?
A.Saran Rajput
B.Sanjay Rajput
C.Sanjeev Rajput
D.Rajeev Rajput

Ans: C.Sanjeev Rajput



48. Who is the the 87-year-old Naga militant has died due to multi-organ failure at a private hospital in South Delhi?
A.Achyut Lahkar
B.Isak Chishi Swu
C.RC Dhere
D.Neil O’ Brien

Ans: B.Isak Chishi Swu



49. What is the name of the Book which has released by Scientists of Gujarat Institute of Desert Ecology (GUIDE) to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi?
A.The Life of Banni Grassland
B.The Creature of Banni Grassland
C.The Birds of Banni Island
D.The Birds of Banni Grassland

Ans: D.The Birds of Banni Grassland



50. Which is to become India’s first river island in the state as district status?
B.Gulf of Mannar

Ans: C.Majuli




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