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Current updates of 28 June 2016

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GK for 28/6/2016


1.    International Widow’s Day is being celebrated on which date to make awareness on the troubles of widowed women in many countries?

Ans :- June 23rd

2.     Who has written the book titled “A life in Diplomacy” was written by former Indian Diplomat. Name the Author?

Ans :- Maharajakrishna Rasgotra

3.      Who has been denied by a wild card entry by International Olympic Committee for the upcoming Rio Olympic Games?

Ans :- Mary Kom

 4.    India won over which team with a 2-1 T20 Series win and 3-0 ODI series win at Harare Sports club in Harare?

Ans :- Zimbabwe

 5.    ISRO planned to test which machine comprising indigenously developed and based on air breathing propulsion scramjet engine?

   Ans :- Advanced Technology Vehicle

6.    Who has been resigned from the Post of Chairman in Life Insurance Corporation of India after completion of three years?

Ans :- C.S K Roy

7.    Ba’ath Party President Bashar Al-Assad appointed Imad Khamis as the new Prime Minister of which nation?


Ans :- Syria

8.        Who has acquired UK Based BIO for 40 million pounds in all cash deal to develop its digital group?

 Ans :- Tech Mahindra

9.    Reserve Bank of India Announced the limit under Market Stabilisation Scheme has been fixed ___________ for the current fiscal year.

 Ans :- Rs. 30,000 Crore

10.     What is the deadline has been extended for implementing the Ujjwal Discom Assurance Yojana?

 Ans :- March 31st 2017



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