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ENGLISH QUIZ 03/08/2017


[Q1-Q20] Directions to solve:- Read each sentence carefully to find grammatical error in it. If there is any error, it will be only in one part of the sentence. There are four parts of all sentences denoted by four alternatives A, B, C & D choose the alternative which has error. If there is no error choose the alternative E. (Disregard punctuation error, if any)


Q1. I shall / ring him /tomorrow / in the afternoon/ No Error.

A. I shall

B. ring him

C. tomorrow

D. in the afternoon

E. No Error


Q2. I never have / visited / or intend to visit / foreign countries / No Error.

A. I never have

B. visited

C. or intend to visit

D. foreign countries

E. No Error


Q3. Modern film techniques / are for superior / than that / employed in the past / No Error.

A. Modern film techniques

B. are for superior

C. than that

D. employed in the past

E. No Error


Q4. John’s salary / is much / larger than / tom / No Error.

A. John’s salary

B. is much

C. larger than

D. tom

E. No Error


Q5. A larger number / of house / are coming up / in our town/ No Error.

A. A larger number

B. of house

C. are coming up

D. in our town

E. No Error


Q6. No Decision can be made / unless / firm data is available / to the committee / No Error.

A. No Decision can be made

B. unless

C. firm data is available

D. to the committee

E. No Error


Q7. Sushma persuaded / her sister / to go with her / on the trip / No Error.

A. Sushma persuaded

B. her sister

C. to go with her

D. on the trip

E. No Error


Q8. Sarita was popular / with her classmates that / she always had same or / the other coming to her house / No Error.

A. Sarita was popular

B. with her classmates that

C. she always had same or

D. the other coming to her house

E. No Error


Q9. Prakash was leading / a happy and leisurely life / after his retirement / form service / No Error.

A. Prakash was leading

B. a happy and leisurely life

C. after his retirement

D. form service

E. No Error


Q10. The number of people / applying was so large / that the college had to / stop issuing application form / No Error.

A. The number of people

B. Applying was so large

C. That the college had to

D. Stop issuing application form

E. No Error


Q11. If you will / follow my instructions / you will get / a suitable reward for that / No Error.

A. If you will

B. Follow my instructions

C. You will get

D. A suitable reward for that

E. No Error


Q12. Hari was unhappy / that he would / not attend the marriage / of his friend yesterday / No Error.

A. Hari was unhappy

B. That he would

C. Not attend the marriage

D. Of his friend yesterday

E. No Error


Q13. My brother in – laws / who line in Mumbai / have come / to stay with us / No Error.

A. My brother in – laws

B. Who line in Mumbai

C. Have come

D. To stay with us

E. No Error


Q14. The teacher / together with his / wife and daughter / were drowned / No Error.

A. The teacher

B. Together with his

C. Wife and daughter

D. Were drowned

E. No Error


Q15. The father as well / as the sons were / mysteriously missing / from the house / No Error.

A. The father as well

B. As the sons were

C. Mysteriously missing

D. From the house

E. No Error


Q16. I am very thirsty / give me / little water / to drink / No Error.

A. I am very thirsty

B. Give me

C. Little water

D. To drink

E. No Error


Q17. Nehru was / a great politician / and / a great statesman / No Error.

A. Nehru was

B. A great politician

C. And

D. A great statesman

E. No Error


Q18. The price / of his care is / higher / than your car / No Error.

A. The price

B. Of his care is

C. Higher

D. Than your car

E. No Error


Q19. I am hardly pressed / for time,/ I cannot /accompany you / No Error.

A. I am hardly pressed

B. For time,

C. I cannot

D. Accompany you

E. No Error


Q20. It was difficult / to persuade subas to agree / to read the book / to the blind man / No Error.

A. It was difficult

B. To persuade subas to agree

C. To read the book

D. To the blind man

E. No Error