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A.SBI PO Mains 2017 Questions Asked – Objective Test

A.SBI PO Mains 2017 Questions Asked – Objective Test

1.Reasoning – SBI PO Mains Questions Asked

1.Linear Arrangement –
1Q – All people facing south in a row
1Q – People were sitting in 2 separate rows. Distance between the rows was given.
1Q – Some people were in a small box and some in a big box (square). People from small box faced inside and those in the big box faced outside.
1Q – 8 people facing north.

2.Puzzles – 1Q based on photo frames & shelves – Calculative

3.Coding Decoding was in a new pattern (Number format)

4.Input Output – 3Qs – Based on new pattern – Difficult

2.DI (Quant) – SBI PO Mains Questions Asked

1.Pie Chart – 1 set – Boats and Streams based . 2 pie charts provided, one for upstream distance and another for downstream distance. There was also a table for stream speed.

2.Data Sufficiency – 5Qs – Moderate

3.Missing DI – 2 sets, 1 based on Profit & Loss – Discount, to be precise. → (3 companies). The table had discount percentages for different items. Items were arranged in rows. Discounts for different months were arranged in columns. Some data was missing as well. There were 5 items and 6 months.
1 based on Time and Work ( involving 1 line graph which tells individual days of people and table which tells no. of days worked by people on project X)

4.Caselet DI – 1 set

5.Mathematical Inequality – 5 Qs

6.Geometry – 2 Qs.
1Q – 1 parallel lines & 1 intersecting line.
1Q – A quadrilateral inside a rectangle (with one pair of opposite sides of quadrilateral on the length side of rectangle, their lengths were given). Given area of quadrilateral is half of the area of rectangle.

7.Probability – Easy

8.Series – None

3.General Awareness – SBI PO Mains Questions Asked

1.Total agricultural credit target as per budget – 10 lakh crore

2.In MSF, “S” stands for?

3.Indian FIFA Committee chairman is? – Justice Mukul Mudgal 

4.What is “P” in APBS?- Payment

5.Our government has approved Electronic Development Fund with corpus of – Rs.6381

6.Target of digital transactions through USSD, UPI, Aadhar, IMPS for 2017-18 – 2500 Crore

7.Highest women wicket taker? – Jhulan Goswami

8.Under which act the Cheque Truncation issue comes? – Section 6B of Negotiable Instruments Act 1881

9.For first 5 years for small banks initial promoter stake should not be less than? – 40%

10.For a company`s liquidity financial metric is? – Working Capital

11.State the amount, Finland was the first European country to pay monthly income to unemployed citizens. – 560 Euros

12.What is the Global Financial Integrity Black Money Inflow in India? – USD 770 Bn

13.What is the India`s Military Expenditure in 2016 as per the reports of SIPRI? – USD 56 Bn

14.Committee of IBBI head? – MS Sahoo

15.What is the total of number ATMs after the merger of SBI? – 59,000

16.Committee for timely Employment data is headed by? – Aravind Panagariya

17.For 2017-18 Fiscal Deficit Target is – 3.2% of GDP

18.MNREGA total outlay? – 48000 Cr

19.What is the maximum period to which NBFC`S can accept public deposits? – 60 months

20.In PCA, ‘C’ stands for? – Corrective (Prompt Corrective Action)

21.Kavindra Singh, Satish Kumar and Manoj Kumar related to which sports?? – Boxer

22.IMF GDP for 2018-19 is?- 7.7%

23.It is non bailable offense if an offense tax evasion slated exceeds its amount by – 5 crore.

24.Collapse of a market or financial system is called – Systemic Risk

25.Long term base year from 1981 is changed to? – 2001

26.Increase in Repo Rates – Increase in Borrowing and Lending Rates

27.UN International Desk of Vesak – Sri Lanka

28.What is not a function of payment banks, and its limit? – NRI deposits, 100 Cr 

29.For GDP calculation base year has changed from 2004-5 to? – 2011-12

30.Does UPI require bank account details of recipient?

31.SBI Mingle – Facebook and Twitter

32.Indian foreign exchange?

33.Who manages ATMs in India? National Financial Switch.

34.Where was Buddha Conference held? – Rajgir, Bihar

35.What is the increase in budget in percentage for Defense? – 8.5%

36.If a drawer writes a cheque and puts a date of some time in past it will be called? – Anti dated Cheque

37.Which among the following is a class of derivatives whose value will fluctuate according to the value of the share price – Equity Derivative

38.n MCLR “C” stands for? – Character

39.Economic Freedom Index – Hong Kong

40.India`s first Licensing Expo 2017 – Mumbai

4.English – SBI PO Mains Questions Asked

1.Reading Comprehension – 1 set based on German Economy, Decision making by an employee.

2.Error Spotting – Phrase Error related Qs


B. SBI PO Mains 2017 Questions Asked – Descriptive Test

a) Write a letter to your Branch Manager regarding Non Credit of amount deposited in ATM
b) Write a letter to Editor expressing your concern over impact of irrelevant news through social media
c) Write a letter to your sibling giving them advise related to stress and anxiety. Or write to an author thanking for authoring a book on ‘fighting depression’.

a) Travelling is better than watching movies and documentary
b) Why Technology’s being in power is a menace?
c) Write an essay on effect of social media and its consequences on our population.